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Signalnoise workshop

So here’s the scoop, gang. My good friend Naomi Atkinson over in Newcastle UK is running an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for her WICKED retain store Whosit & Whatsit. Lets get some info on her ambitious project straight from her…

We’re bringing designers back to the high street with a stunning store created to give them 100% of their profits. Retail as it should be.

As the world becomes increasingly digital, unknown design talent is being hidden away beneath thousands of web pages. W&W is finding these individuals and bringing them into the spotlight to sell their products.

This gives our customers the chance to appreciate amazing craftsmanship in the physical sense, and not just as images on a screen.”

Naomi is creating this amazing space FOR US. How can we not get behind this wonderful idea? Here’s the thing, one of the perks available on the Indiegogo is a Signalnoise ‘Illustrator vs. Photoshop’ workshop which I’ll do remotely OR in person. As you can imagine, I really want to make this happen for Naomi AND for you. Here are more details…


  • Remote sign-in available for those not close to Newcastle, UK. Only £85 for the whole day, questions collated throughout and time will be made for them.
  • Save money and sign in with your team/colleagues.
  • In person, currently only 14 tickets available. Get the full benefit of one-on-one advise/learning.
  • Signalnoise has never done anything like this before… learn my techniques, see how I work. Secrets revealed.
  • Sunday 1st March 2015. All day.
  • Only 3 days left to secure your spot.
  • If it gets booked up, I’ll also host an exclusive art show, with limited edition prints at the Whosit & Whatsit space.


As you can well imagine, I’m super excited to do this but we’re going to need your help to make it happen. Zip over to the Whosit & Whatsit Indiegogo page and help Naomi mobilize this amazing concept. Our community needs something like this, and we can all make it happen.






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