Signalnoise Tutorial for Digital Arts Magazine

I don’t yet have photos of the actual magazine but the ‘Elle’ tutorial I wrote for Digital Arts Magazine has been published on their website. The poster was originally designed for the crew at Thinkstock, who were kind enough to donate the photograph of the lady to this tutorial. The process is stripped down and broken into 16 steps, but the fundamentals of how I created this poster are there.

The tutorial is published in the July 2010 issue of Digital Arts Magazine, currently on newsstands in Europe. Enjoy!






3 responses to “Signalnoise Tutorial for Digital Arts Magazine”

  1. gus Avatar

    I dare you to buy one and paint it :D

  2. julio bustillos Avatar
    julio bustillos

    yeah man ……..i just hope this issue get to Mexico ……hope you can post more tutorial in your website ……….

  3. okeowo adeniyi Avatar

    love ur tutorila and ur stuffs, so sad i cant get the magazine bcos of my country, but anawaiz amazing tuts

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