Signalnoise Tron poster trilogy

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  1. I would actually kill people for these. I’m a HUGE TRON fan and NEED THEM.

    In the interim between now and getting the posters made, is there ANY way to get hi-res versions or as wallpapers?!

  2. Thanks very much for all the kind words, everyone.

    Matthew, I updated the post to include links to my previous Tron wallpapers. I’ll make the newest wallpapers when I can steal some time away.

    Aurelien, yes. Just click the ‘Tutorials’ category on the right-hand side of the site.

  3. The new poster is awesome. Always nice seeing the work of someone so talented, and especially seeing another Canadian getting the recognition that he deserves!

  4. Fantastic designs. My favourite is still number 2 with the orange and blue motif. I genuinely prefer that to the official film poster.

  5. I like your work. The third one really fits the bill. The rendering and colours are fantastic. I bow to your talents.

  6. Hi James, WOW! the colors are stunning and the neon effects are beautiful. I see someone already asked – but i can’t seem to find the TRON tutorial for the 3rd poster. Is it available? many thanks

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