Signalnoise Tron poster trilogy

I’m excited to launch the third and final piece to complete the Signalnoise Tron poster trilogy. When the first bit of footage appeared online promoting the upcoming Tron Legacy film from Disney, I took it upon myself to design a fan-based poster utilizing the cool style and special effects. I love working with neon elements with loud colors, and the film is exactly that. Then when the official Tron Legacy trailer was released this past May, I revised my design to reflect the new color palette and designs.

After the revision, it was totally my intention to complete the series with a poster bringing back the original film style and design from 1982. The feedback on the first 2 posters has been overwhelming, and the majority of comments I received were from longtime and dedicated Tron fans. So the last poster includes a revised disc design (with a few enhancements) and color palette, as well as a few old school video game elements from back in the day, like straight up 3D vectors and pixels. I had to re-watch the original film a few times to get the tone right.

I will be shooting this new design over to the print shop really soon to get some posters made and will keep the blog updated on how I will be getting these into peoples’ hands. In the meantime you can grab some wallpapers of the first 2 Tron Legacy designs here and here. Enjoy!






23 responses to “Signalnoise Tron poster trilogy”

  1. Watafak Avatar

    The posters are back! Great work James!

  2. Matthew Rex Downham Avatar

    I would actually kill people for these. I’m a HUGE TRON fan and NEED THEM.

    In the interim between now and getting the posters made, is there ANY way to get hi-res versions or as wallpapers?!

  3. Pants Avatar

    Wow, looks like you saved the best for last.

  4. Aurelien Avatar

    Hello have you got a tutorials section?
    The posters are really dope!!

    Aurelien, freelance product designer.

  5. james Avatar

    Thanks very much for all the kind words, everyone.

    Matthew, I updated the post to include links to my previous Tron wallpapers. I’ll make the newest wallpapers when I can steal some time away.

    Aurelien, yes. Just click the ‘Tutorials’ category on the right-hand side of the site.

  6. Matt Avatar

    The new poster is awesome. Always nice seeing the work of someone so talented, and especially seeing another Canadian getting the recognition that he deserves!

  7. Dave Behm Avatar

    Very cool James!! You have a true talent for lighting and neon effects!!

  8. Pippen Samson Avatar
    Pippen Samson

    I like the second one best! Great job! :)

  9. Cameron D Avatar
    Cameron D

    Bravo James, you’ve done it again!

  10. Nigel Avatar

    Fully sick designs man :)

  11. eric Avatar

    oh man! these are so cool! i would be happy if there is any tutorial of those! :D

  12. Bruno Ancona Lopes Avatar
    Bruno Ancona Lopes

    Absolutely stunning, James! Cheers, tks for posting this!

  13. daniel Avatar

    Always a real pleasure to see your designs ;)

  14. Jovan Avatar

    Bravo! I hope Disney hires your for the sequel!

  15. India Avatar

    Awesome James. I would love to have those poster up in my office

  16. Peter Nudo Avatar

    Gosh these are all amazing James. They should be ashamed of themselves for not using these. You are a great designer sir.

  17. Phillip Jacowski Avatar

    2nd week in a row I’ve missed the video chat! Grr! I’ll be there next Thursday. Great work James the posters look great.

  18. Ramon / Dobrado Avatar

    These are awesome! Great work!

  19. Chad P. Avatar
    Chad P.

    Apparenly, my apartment is going to become a Signalnoise studio. :)

  20. Derek Avatar

    Fantastic designs. My favourite is still number 2 with the orange and blue motif. I genuinely prefer that to the official film poster.

  21. Steven M. P. Gill Avatar
    Steven M. P. Gill

    I like your work. The third one really fits the bill. The rendering and colours are fantastic. I bow to your talents.

  22. cristobal Avatar

    i love all this…your amazing!!!

  23. adam Avatar

    Hi James, WOW! the colors are stunning and the neon effects are beautiful. I see someone already asked – but i can’t seem to find the TRON tutorial for the 3rd poster. Is it available? many thanks

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