Signalnoise theme for Google Chrome

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  1. Well, this was unexpected!

    I’d love to see that 4 image as a wallpaper :). yea? aww come on :(

  2. Oh, man! Cool!

    How did you do to have your browser buttons as the appear in this page shots.

    I want them to be multicolored toooo!


  3. Thanks very much for all the kind feedback, everyone! I had a look through the gallery myself and have to say Chuck Anderson and Matt Moore really knocked it out of the park. Beautiful designs.

    Barton, I think you’re right. According to their website they’re working on a Mac version, but I might be mistaken.

    Kyle, quite excited :) Thanks buddy.

    Eric, unfortunately there won’t be any ports over to Firefox. Since this is a Google joint, it will have to stay there.

    JD, a wallpaper isn’t a bad idea. The image might not be large enough for a bigger monitor but I’ll certainly see how it works.

    Diogo, the colored buttons must have been lost in translation. I’ll have to look into it to see if any alterations can be done.

  4. The Mac Version of Chrome is called Chromium I think. I’m not sure whether it’s an official Google project or an open source community project using Google’s code from Chrome.

    Chromium is in Alpha 4.0 now and, from what I’ve read, is very fast.

  5. the theme its extremely incredible! but as says diogo it look better with different colors in the buttons… since if they remain as is it (of color orange) it lose the sense multicolor of the theme…..

  6. “” Justin says:

    i’m downloading chrome just so i can use this theme.

    thank you “”

    make of this words, my words !!! Powerfull!

    Next step, how to make a windows theme, hã ?

  7. hey James, insane theme man, thanks a lot :) but it would like to see the colored buttons like in the shots on the site instead of orange ones ;)

  8. You have done an excellent job making the theme not compete with the actual web page content, yet added some nice touch! best theme out there!!!

    by the way, I actually like the navigation buttons as they are now – easy to find because the color scheme is different, yet subtle.


  9. A wallpaper would be really great! Any infos about that?
    I want it as Desktop-Background, so when i open Google Chrome, it hat the same style.
    Really great work ;)

  10. my favorite, well done.

    it messed up after a big chrome update i think but i just reinstalled it for an instant fix.

  11. Thanks for making this excellent theme.

    It’s the first one that caught my eye when I started using Chrome; it’s certainly my favourite among all existing ones!

  12. I totally want a widescreen background version of this theme too! It’s just my style ;)

  13. I know it’s been ages since you’ve created this theme, but I have to ask…can you make the original image used available for background use? Even if it’s not a very large image, there are many users (myself included) who would be able to take the source and create our own backgrounds using image editing software, as you do.

    Right now the only image available is the small snippet you’ve included in this blogpost that’s a closeup of the “rainbow splash” which is only 470 x 352.

    Also there is a starry background that would be difficult to reproduce from that small image.

    Thank you,
    Bram Wolfe

  14. I have been using this theme since you released it and if it’s not present I cannot function without feeling uncomfortable.

    Thank you for a timeless theme and the last one i’ll ever need.

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