Signalnoise talk in Lincoln, Nebraska

I was contacted a little while ago by Nick Evans in Lincoln, Nebraska who invited me to do my ‘Back to the Future’ presentation for a posse of designers down there. Never one to turn down a challenge, I was immediately onboard. So I’ll be setting up the laptop, firing up my slides and getting to it. The small print of the event is still being ironed out, but here are the details as of launch time:

Date: Wednesday, October 12, 2011
Time: Morning
Where: Embassy Suites Hotel, 1040 P Street (map)

For those who don’t know, Nick is also the guy responsible for bringing that Aaron Draplin in for the same reason. I’m following the big guy. Looking forward to meeting you face to face, Nebraska!






7 responses to “Signalnoise talk in Lincoln, Nebraska”

  1. Matthew Avatar

    Enjoy Nebraska!

    Hope you like corn. :D

  2. Aoiro Studio Avatar

    That Lego replica totally is the duplicate of you James! Have fun in Nebraska! :) Rock!

  3. Ben den Hartog Avatar

    Hahahahaha that Lego character is fantastic!! A James White Lego Character hahaha I love it!! Can this one give the horns too? \m/

    Have a great time man!!

  4. davevsdave Avatar

    Yes! Lego James!

  5. Jason Avatar

    I figured you pulled Nebraska randomly off a map with that prelude poster..Nebraska has a mighty creative community – maybe a little stealthy, but that’s how we roll. Stoked, can’t wait to see the presentation in person!

  6. Melody Avatar

    Haha, love the lego you. Enjoy Nebraska, it’s a fun place!

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