Signalnoise talk: GDC Atlantic

Here are some shots from my ‘Back to the Future’ talk last week, presented by the kind folks of the GDC Atlantic. Had a great time, and the venue at The Hub Halifax was an excellent stage, packed the room but was still intimate. Met some awesome people, got some stickers into people’s hands and had many laughs.

Big thanks to my pal Chris Toms for snapping these shots, and thanks to everyone who came out.






3 responses to “Signalnoise talk: GDC Atlantic”

  1. peter Avatar

    Hey, there’s the back of my head!

  2. Aoiro Studio Avatar

    That looks like you had quite an amazing time! Awesome! :)

  3. uglylogo Avatar

    Bad luck I live too far away to see a live talk (Norway). Great blog btw…
    Good to see a cupcake tee on you :-)

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