Signalnoise t-shirts: Wearable soon

If you tuned into Signalnoise Broadcast 12 last week, you will have gotten a sneak peek at my new personal project. Coming very soon to the Signalnoise Store will be my first line of designer t-shirts, consisting of 4 designs to start. This new Signalnoise venture is self-initiated and the production is footed by me alone, no investors or loans. More details will be coming over the next week or so.

That being said, I wanted to talk a bit about this preview image. I’ve worked a lot with wonderful companies and brands throughout the years creating collateral and promotional materials for their products, so when I started working on the supporting materials for my brand I thought it would be fun to think along the same lines as those clients. In the case of this preview image, I wanted something that might look appropriate in a fashion magazine, adding a bit of rock n’ roll yet reference the Signalnoise history of work.

The base image was kindly supplied by the folks at Thinkstock, and I proceeded to spend many hours changing the elements and adding my own work. I thought it would be funny to see my posters littered about an alley like they were unwanted advertisements.

In short, you don’t need to be a big client in order to make your brand strong and your ideas a reality. Treat your stuff like their stuff. Stay tuned for more details as I ramp up the Signalnoise t-shirt launch!






17 responses to “Signalnoise t-shirts: Wearable soon”

  1. ricky Avatar

    Great poster, the Tee Rocks! Amazing work.

  2. Sergei Tatarinov Avatar

    Outstanding! James White – the best! Your works impress & inspire me so much! When will you show us the other 3 Tees ?

    haha @ buttons =)

  3. james Avatar

    Thanks a lot, guys.

    Sergei, the other 3 shirts will be included in the actual launch. They are all new designs and quite different from the kind of work I normally do. Lots more illustration this time, I’m excited to show everyone.

  4. Absolute_LG Avatar

    Looking forward to the launch bro! :D

  5. Richie Avatar

    I just cannot stop looking…. excellent work James… dying to lay hands on the shirt!!

  6. Mats Morken Avatar

    Love the OTT lensflairs :)
    And the tatoos look real.
    His sunglasses seem to not sit right on his face though,. Maybe rotate them to suit the tilt in his head better? Or rotate the head to align with the sunglasses :)

    Oh, and give him a wacom pen in his hand (kidding)

  7. Melody Avatar

    Awesome, I’m super excited about these shirts!

  8. Avatar

    cool! good! awesome!!!!!

  9. Avatar

    cool! good! awesome!!!!!

  10. guidoguido Avatar

    Great poster, looking forward to the release. Was wondering about your tweet last night: “Was up super late working on that Signalnoise t-shirt preview. Lots of Photoshop, had a great (and hilarious) time putting it together.” But now I understand ;)

  11. 365 Concepts Avatar

    Looking forward to it Mr. White…. will gt one for sure…cheers..

  12. riley Avatar

    So dope! Can’t wait to wear one! Are you making styles for the ladies?? Hella good!

  13. g3niuz Avatar

    fresh work bro – see ya in the collab ;D

  14. Nikola Lazarevic Avatar

    wow this is superb. wearable soon!

  15. GUS the Gamer Avatar

    nice, I would of move the sunglasses a bit to the right and add more detail to the tattoos (so they look inked), wrinkles to the logo on the shirt, and adjust shadows and tones on the pants pins. also some shadows and wrinkle texture on the floor posters wouldnt hurt. keep it up!!

  16. CameronD Avatar

    Sounds totally rad James, can’t wait to see the collection!

  17. GlenJM Avatar

    James, any plans on selling the shirts anywhere in Halifax?

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