Signalnoise t-shirts: Wearable soon

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  1. Thanks a lot, guys.

    Sergei, the other 3 shirts will be included in the actual launch. They are all new designs and quite different from the kind of work I normally do. Lots more illustration this time, I’m excited to show everyone.

  2. Love the OTT lensflairs :)
    And the tatoos look real.
    His sunglasses seem to not sit right on his face though,. Maybe rotate them to suit the tilt in his head better? Or rotate the head to align with the sunglasses :)

    Oh, and give him a wacom pen in his hand (kidding)

  3. Great poster, looking forward to the release. Was wondering about your tweet last night: “Was up super late working on that Signalnoise t-shirt preview. Lots of Photoshop, had a great (and hilarious) time putting it together.” But now I understand ;)

  4. So dope! Can’t wait to wear one! Are you making styles for the ladies?? Hella good!

  5. nice, I would of move the sunglasses a bit to the right and add more detail to the tattoos (so they look inked), wrinkles to the logo on the shirt, and adjust shadows and tones on the pants pins. also some shadows and wrinkle texture on the floor posters wouldnt hurt. keep it up!!

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