Signalnoise t-shirts now at Strange Adventures

Hey Halifax! I’m happy to announce that you now have easier access to the Signalnoise line of designer t-shirts. All of the designs are now available to purchase over at Strange Adventures comic shop on Sackville Street. If you live here in town, there is no need to order online and pay unnecessary shipping. Just drop into Strange Adventures to check out my wares. Made local by a local.

There is a display set up on the counter, tucked between the toys and comic books, exactly where I pictured my apparel to be in the first place. Big thanks to my buddy (and owner of the shop) Cal for setting all this up.






4 responses to “Signalnoise t-shirts now at Strange Adventures”

  1. Jorden Tually Avatar

    Sweeeet! Love it!

  2. Devin I Avatar

    This is actually so awesome. I have been wanting one for sooo long and haven’t been able to order in offline. Next chance I get I’m getting one :D

  3. Cameron D Avatar
    Cameron D

    You lucky Halifaxians!

  4. Shawn Holloway Avatar


    Please contact one of our favorite local comic shops, Dr. Volts about carrying your shirts. They’d love them, and I’d love to be able to get them locally. There’s a big geek population in Salt Lake City.

    We have a great local podcast You should check it out. By we, I mean Salt Lake City. I have no affiliation with the show.

    Would love to see your stuff here locally!

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