Signalnoise t-shirts: Available now!

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  1. Congrats, James! This is a huge personal milestone… hope it feels good? :)

    Going to purchase one – just don’t know which one yet. Guess the classic T.

    Good luck, see you tomorrow!

  2. Extremely happy for your new endeavor! I’ve bought the poster, I’ve got the stickers and now I want a t-shirt. Thanks for being such an awesome graphic artist. It’s hard not to support such creative work.

  3. Oh crap! Why do you always make stuff that just fucking rocks!?! Really! WHY?! It’s very hard on the wallet you know. ;)

    I just might have to buy a few of these (LOVE 2012 and Black Metal Busters – funny as hell).

    Keep up the wonderful work James!

  4. Perfect timing! I’ve been on a serious t-shirt buying binge over the past week or so, and I love the 2012 shirt. Cha ching!

    Congrats on all your success, James, and I’m excited to see what you come up with next!

  5. Great looking shirts, The Toxic and Black Metal are my favorites. Good luck with the release and sales hope all goes good.

  6. They look awesome James, congrats man!! Can’t wait to get mine! Your an inspiration to everyone!

    Haha, nice touch with the gameboy in the video!!

  7. Congrats on your t shirts, they look great! Have you considered using some of your poster designs as t shirt prints? Some of them would make sick t shirts (‘Liquid Gold 77’ and ‘Dagger Woods’ in particular) or is the place you’re going to restricted in the amount of different colours you can use?

  8. Hey, great presentation. Messy day for a launch. I want one of each..ha ha. Looks great…wonder where your talent comes from?? Keep up the good work. Congrats..very proud

  9. I trully believe we are witnessing the rising of a legend and the beginning of a new era. Congratz James, I’ll order mine as soon as I can :D

  10. Damn, that Black Metal Busters shirt is so grim and frostbitten. I might go ahead and get myself a Signalnoise Classic shirt. Simple yet elegant.

  11. I wonder how many fans you lost with that upside down cross. I bet a lot. Great designs though! #signalnoise 2012 is the slickest.

  12. These all look great. Serious professionalism behind all of the designs. That 2012 shirt is really awesome.

    Get them on some tri-blend or similarly semi-stretchy material and I’ll be all over them. Ever since Scott Hansen started making his shirts on that material, I can’t go back.

    Best of luck.

    Oh, and Kevin Falk: The upside down cross is actually not as anti-religious as you might believe. It’s actually St. Peter’s cross. Anyone offended by that should probably get an education in their own religion.

  13. DUDE! You absolutely rock. I mean, absolutely! These T-shirts are a dream! ANY Signalnoise design would rock them. Man, you’re my favorite designer. Yes, my inspiration.

  14. I think there is a site posing as this site which is a malicious software launch site. I went to google and typed signalnoise- the first link was it looked exactly like this site but launched a pop-up series with a fake security threat warning… just thought I’d let you know in case it causes some real problems.

  15. Just to verify that it isn’t a one time thing: I had the exact same problem as Lucas when I just typed in your URL. What a terrible time for someone to pull this kind of crap.

  16. I’m seriously humbled by the massive response to the new t-shirts everyone. Thanks so much for your support, tweets, emails and orders over the past 2 days. You are all amazing, and inspiring me to keep things rolling with this new venture. You all rock.

    Lucas and Chris, thanks very much for the heads up. I’m busy looking into the issue to see if I can get it resolved. I appreciate the comments.

  17. Congratulations! I am also looking to launch a line. But with a few friends. Your presentation is very polished and professional. I really like it! Love the colors too!

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