Signalnoise t-shirts: August preview

Here are a few preview images of the upcoming Signalnoise t-shirt releases, dropping in August. The response to the launch of the t-shirt line has been nothing less then overwhelming so I immediately started on the designs for the next installment. A couple of these designs call back to my childhood which was full of cartoons and playing with Lego on my bedroom floor. I enjoy creating things that are funny, interesting and nostalgic … with a bit of metal thrown in for good measure.

I will be working on moving these designs (and perhaps one other) into production over the next week or so once the designs and numbers are finalized, and they will be available in the Signalnoise Store after the full shipment is received. Stay tuned for these ones, kids.

That being said, I am working hard to fulfill the many orders I received over the past 2 weeks. I never expected to have so many orders to send so quickly, which is a good problem to have. :) However, all orders are being taken care of as quickly as possible and I appreciate your patience as I get your wares to you.

Thanks so much for the continued support, everyone! You really turned this new Signalnoise venture into a super fun ordeal.






11 responses to “Signalnoise t-shirts: August preview”

  1. Vlad Carp Avatar

    first one it’s cool…i like

  2. Scott Neuberger Avatar

    these are sick; can’t wait for them to drop!

  3. David Behm Avatar

    Metallego is awesome James! I’m gettin it!!

  4. Cameron D Avatar
    Cameron D

    Pretty damn cool James! I like The Mask!!

  5. Ricky Avatar

    I can’t wait for these to come out! I think the first one is awesome, it doesn’t look too childish.

  6. The Dept. Avatar

    METAL LEGO Rules! Hey James, let me know if we can do a Dept. / Signal Noise tee swap, that would be great!

  7. Nikola Lazarevic Avatar

    first is a blast! i love it.

  8. Yugoslavian Avatar

    Metal! Yeah! Awesome dude!

  9. Rumblepark Avatar

    First one is great, but dont forget to do more mature designs. Im 30 and the two bleow would not really fit me anymore ):

  10. Mats Morken Avatar

    They look really cool
    And I am going to order some soon :)

    Not sure the people around me will be too happy with all the upside down pentagrams and upside down crosses,. could you do a friendlier run so that these become wearable everywhere?

  11. Lightform | Stratos Agianogloy Avatar

    The metal lego one rocks and I am not even a metal fan. Keep them flowing James :)

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