Signalnoise t-shirts at FITC San Francisco

In a short 6 days I will be packing up all my gear and heading to FITC San Francisco to check out presentations by my favorite artists/designers as well as meeting a bunch of like-minded creative folks who read the blog. I can’t wait.

That being said, I will also be packing up some Signalnoise t-shirts that I will be selling to interested people attending the event. This isn’t anything official being put on by FITC, just me and a suitcase. The print shop has assured me that the new Signalnoise t-shirts will be all done before I depart, so those of you at the event will have first crack at the supply before it hits my online store. I’ll also have a complete restock of my sold out Signalnoise Classic t-shirt. Here are the available designs:

Since my t-shirt supply will be limited by the size of my suitcase, I need to ask a favor of all those interested in grabbing a shirt from me at the event. Please send me over an email or leave a comment here stating which shirt you would like to purchase and what size. That way I can pack the necessary shirts to ensure I have what I need to get these into peoples’ hands. I will be charging $25 per shirt, $45 for two which is a bit of a savings from ordering online, and you will still get a swag bag containing Signalnoise stickers and buttons. Cool?

I’ll be on Twitter the whole time I’m at FITC San Francisco so I will be sure to let you know where I am and when I am selling my wares. Looking forward to seeing you there!






5 responses to “Signalnoise t-shirts at FITC San Francisco”

  1. Jelle Avatar

    Loving the new designs James! I was wondering if the 2012 shirt is gray or black?

  2. Fabio Sasso Avatar

    Awesome t-shirts… the classic and the toxic are my favorites :)

  3. nagiViTy Avatar

    i LIke :P ,, I’ve created one with Gimp it’s Awesome :D

  4. james Avatar

    Jelle, the 2012 shirt is printed on grey. You can see a photo of it on this post.

    Fabio, thanks buddy! I’ll be armed with your shirt when I get to San Fran.

  5. Mrself Avatar

    Oh Man, yours t-shirts are very amazing and beautiful.
    It’s a very good idea.

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