Signalnoise t-shirt “Presale for Pals”

• The four Signalnoise launch designs.
• My girl Mary and I scrutinizing the wares.
• Free Signalnoise buttons and stickers.
• Packing up a shirt.
• My pal Alana purchasing her Signalnoise shirts.
• Mary, Jerko, Meghan and Ryan hanging at the presale.
• Clearly, Ben is not amused by my theatrics.
• Signalnoise models! Alana, Meghan and Sameen sporting their t-shirts.

The night before the online launch, I decided to have a “Presale for Pals” at my condo. I invited over some good friends who have been supporting me all this time to have a first look at the new t-shirts before they hit the Signalnoise Store. We had a great time and I managed to get some shirts to some happy folks. Huge thanks to everyone who came out.

My pal Chris Toms took all of these great shots as the evening progressed. Thanks man!






3 responses to “Signalnoise t-shirt “Presale for Pals””

  1. GUS the Gamer Avatar

    pic #2, nice socks :P

    awesome shirts man!

  2. Rob Loukotka Avatar

    Your walls are the same color I painted my last place. Grey. Makes me feel like Batman.

  3. Mat MacQuarrie Avatar

    Sweet collection dude, “my lady” wants some Signalnoise coasters : P

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