Signalnoise supports DDC/Philly

This one is for you, Philadelphia. It has been announced that Aaron Draplin of the Draplin Design Co. will be doing a talk down in Philly on September 28th, and they are in the process of kickstarting that thing to raise money for the event. Being a fan of that Draplin for quite some time (3 shirts to prove it), I really enjoy seeing different cities bringing him in to speak to younger and veteran designers alike. He’s got things to say. Important things. Honest things.

So this little note is to bring your attention to the event and direct you to where you can help the guys make this happen. If you’re in Philly mark your calendar. Get over to the Kickstarter page and show your support. At the point of writing this they are 80% there.

Just a small cap on this, man it’s great to see so many smaller design events happening these days. We’re a small but mighty community.






2 responses to “Signalnoise supports DDC/Philly”

  1. Steven DeCusatis Avatar

    Thank you for posting and for your support on this lecture! I look forward to seeing this fully fund and getting Aaron here to Philly.

  2. kay486 Avatar

    I always loved this style! Stylize everything with thick lines of same size and using only few solid colors!

    btw, anyone who likes it too, check this site. Its mainly focused on old stamp design but its pretty related. If you have more similar sites (with related content) please share it here!

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