Signalnoise Studio Update: Spring 2010

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  1. What’s all this worry about? Geez, you’ll be fine sir. You’ll be better than fine, you’ll see. I’m always right, and unfortunately I guess that means Captain America will suck. You’ll see ha ha.

  2. Thanks a lot for all the kind words, gang. I really appreciate it. Starting your own gig is a bit stressful, but the best insight I got into that was “It’s good to be worried because it keeps you on your toes.” Good point there.

  3. Owning and running your own business is one of the best experiences in life. It’s tough and has it’s ups and downs but it’s real freedom and totally worth it. Congrats James and thanks for all of your artistic insight. Be blessed.

  4. Good luck, James. Just wanted to pop in and say how awesome that new wordmark is. That hand-made oi ligature seriously makes me giddy.

  5. You’ve got no need for concern. With your high standard work and work ethic, high profile and all the other rad stuff you do…well come on I can only see mega success :)

    Oh and about time too :P

  6. Nice! Good luck with 100% Signalnoise, it will be great! We all know it. Weekly Broadcasts? That would be even better! Going to watch your broadcast from last Wednesday, it’s clear I missed some important stuff!

    I like what you did to your logotype, love the “oi”! Keep it up, will speak to you during your next broadcast.

  7. Hey, congratulations on going off on your own!

    Also, I want to say thank you for the great blog/twitter/broadcasts. They have really been a huge influence and inspiration to me.

    It’s also really great to hear you talk about connecting with people and sharing our art, ideas and inspiration. I couldn’t agree more.

  8. As long as you don’t upgrade the Rock Band mic on the broadcasts we’re still cool. Congratulations. You’re always a great inspiration. Keep up the hard work!

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