Signalnoise Studio sign by Andrey Danilov

First post of the year goes to 22-year old Andrey Danilov (Twitter) currently residing in Hangzhou, China. Andrey spent a bit of time during his holidays to put together these lovely images featuring my Signalnoise rainbow sun as a neon sign. All shined up complete with wires and galaxies. Man, the little sucker never looked better.

I can’t even tell you how much this warms my heart. I’ve been up to my neck in project planning over here, then this shows up out of the blue. Wasn’t asked for, just a little gift from the other side of the world.

Signalnoise salutes you, Andrey!






6 responses to “Signalnoise Studio sign by Andrey Danilov”

  1. Daniel Avatar

    Cool, I like!

  2. Jeff Quigley Avatar

    I can so see this becoming a tree topper for 2012!

  3. Andrey Avatar

    Wow, this guy is reeeeally something !

    Ahaha! Just kidding :)

    thanks James, really appreciate it!

  4. nod Avatar

    the signal noise flower in neon, looks cool

  5. Guilherme Harrison Avatar

    Great work Andrey! Talk about your process when you have the time. We’ll love to hear it.

  6. Andrey Avatar
    I’ve posted a few screen grabs here. Just click on the “View the process” thing.
    Basically the picture contains of 2 photos (trees and stars) warped around to fit the perspective and 2 Illustrator-rendered 3D objects with some textures and flares applied over it.
    There’s a bit of a mess going on on the 5th screenshot just because I was fooling around and made a bunch of useless crap :)

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