Signalnoise Store update

Just a quick update on my website progress. I have had a bunch of people asking me about buying prints of my work, and I wanted to assure you all that my store is currently under construction.

I am working hard on prepping large files to ship to the print shop and working out the kinks in my coding to get the store up and running. Instead of sourcing my printing and shipping to an outside client, I will be taking on the task myself which takes a bit more set-up time.

Thanks so much to all who have inquired about my shop. I will be sure to announce it’s launch when things are ready to go.






2 responses to “Signalnoise Store update”

  1. sam_samantha Avatar

    Congratulations James! It’s an awesome website! Can’t wait to hear more about your shops:) I might get one of your tees:)

  2. james Avatar

    Thanks so much for the note, Sam. I hope your trip is going well!

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