Signalnoise Store: Under Construction

For the next little while when you click on the Signalnoise Store button you will be getting a generic Maintenance Mode screen, and to clear up any concerns I thought I’d let you know what was going on.

Over the past 3 years I’ve seen my little store grow from a meager 5 launch posters to offer a wider range of designs and t-shirts. When I launched the store in February of 2008 I had no idea that it would have been as successful as it was, with a pretty consistent stream of orders coming in. I had lots of fun packing all my products by hand, adding the extra goodies and shipping everything myself. If you ordered anything from my store over the last 3 years, it was packed by me on my dining table. No joke.

There was however an unfortunate side effect. As much as I liked doing all that packing and shipping, it took a lot of time away from what I truly love doing … creating things. So I’m at the point where something needs to change in order for me to get my creativity back on track. I’m very lucky (and proud) to have the guys down at Merchline in my corner to handle all the fulfillment once the new store launches. Merchline is excellent and handles the products of a few of my favorite online shops such as ISO50, Hydro74 and the Salvation Army WARdrobe.

I’m sad to see my little Big Cartel store go. It was a real champ, and I still highly recommend their service if you want to start your own online store to sell your goods. No complaints, they kick ass.

So, I will be putting forth the effort over the next few weeks to get the Signalnoise Store set up at the new location. There are a few new designs and products in the works and will hopefully be available at launch. Stay tuned, I’ll keep you posted when things are ready to roll.






7 responses to “Signalnoise Store: Under Construction”

  1. Brad Avatar

    Can’t wait.

  2. PJ Tierney Avatar

    Best of luck with this! The advice you gave me on BigCartel was really helpful, and hopefully one day I’ll be in a position to make the move to a bigger storefront in the future!

  3. Nick Campbell Avatar

    Congrats on the new store, James! Can’t wait to see it!

  4. Sergei Tatarinov Avatar

    Can’t wait to see the new storefront and most importantly new designs!

  5. james Avatar

    Thanks gang! I’ll be using the same Merchline location where my Help Japan poster is currently for sale. But I’ll be sharpening up the design, adding current stock and a few unprinted posters. In short, the new store will be here.

  6. Steve Schiavello Avatar

    Awesome James! Thanks for the heads up, I cant wait to see this new store and new product!!

  7. Cameron Avatar

    Will this mean that your posters will no longer be signed by your good self?

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