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  1. First off – fantastic! Those prints look killer. Secondly, thanks for bringing awareness to me on – I’d not seen that before, and it looks exactly like what I was looking for (for the same reason – to sell prints).

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, everyone.

    Anton, Big Cartel has been a great investment. It’s a pretty cheap monthly rate and they take care of the transaction and Paypal hookup, and takes all of the headaches out of setting up an online store :) Highly recommended.

  3. Hi, a new post to congratulate you !!! bravo !!!
    Hope you’ll earn a lot of money, you deserve it!

    I just post a little “tribute” pic on my blog ( .
    Unfortunately it’s a bad copy of your style…i love so much
    Waiting for yours next images…
    keep going creating, you’re great!

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