Signalnoise Store now open

Signalnoise store

The Signalnoise Store is now launched with five prints available for purchase: Signalera, 1976, Dagger Woods, Munich and Commodore 64. All are high-quality digital prints on white, semi-gloss stock and are hand-signed. I did a low print run until things get off the ground, so the prints are in limited quantities for the time being. All are shipped with care in cardboard tubes.

Also, I have three prints of Beans left over from a previous run, so these are available along with the new prints until sold out.

Feel free to swing over to the Signalnoise Store and check out the first run of prints.






10 responses to “Signalnoise Store now open”

  1. Christian Sisson Avatar

    Simply amazing!
    I think pretty soon I’ll get myself one of these.
    Good luck!
    Cheers :^)

  2. Boris Forconi Avatar
    Boris Forconi

    Damn, I was waiting for this one….

    Owned! I live in France! Very very bad news…

  3. Anton Avatar

    First off – fantastic! Those prints look killer. Secondly, thanks for bringing awareness to me on – I’d not seen that before, and it looks exactly like what I was looking for (for the same reason – to sell prints).

  4. roger Avatar

    eh! Congratulations.
    I love your work. Fantastic!!!

  5. ruben garcia Avatar

    Hi James!!
    I would like speak with you but I don´t find your email. Please, contact me by my email, please.

  6. lau Avatar

    hey boris two poster’s owner in france ;-)

  7. Fubiz Avatar

    Beautiful pictures for the store !

  8. james Avatar

    Thanks for the encouragement, everyone.

    Anton, Big Cartel has been a great investment. It’s a pretty cheap monthly rate and they take care of the transaction and Paypal hookup, and takes all of the headaches out of setting up an online store :) Highly recommended.

  9. sam_samantha Avatar

    congratulations James:) I’m so happy for you and I hope that one day I’ll be able to pay you a visit!

  10. damien Avatar

    Hi, a new post to congratulate you !!! bravo !!!
    Hope you’ll earn a lot of money, you deserve it!

    I just post a little “tribute” pic on my blog ( .
    Unfortunately it’s a bad copy of your style…i love so much
    Waiting for yours next images…
    keep going creating, you’re great!

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