Signalnoise Store commercial by Ben Jeddrie!

It’s no secret that I think my friends are the most talented people in the world, and I take any opportunity I can to work with them on various projects. A couple of months back I hired my good pal Ben Jeddrie to create an animated commercial promoting my Signalnoise Store. Being a big fan of his hilarious cartoon style for 10 years, I gave him no direction as I wanted him to create something all his own. “Do whatever you want, make it funny.”

The result made me laugh to no end. Inspired by classic cartoons such as George of the Jungle and Tom Slick, Ben came up with the concept, designs, voice-overs and completed the entire animation. He’s one talented guy.

I am currently working with Ben on setting up his own blog which will feature his other unique animations, videos and comics. More to come when we launch.






22 responses to “Signalnoise Store commercial by Ben Jeddrie!”

  1. Andrew Avatar

    It has a very cool Rocky and Bullwinkle feel to it. Very talented indeed! Bonus marks for the logo animations at the end. Made me feel like I was watching He-Man or Transformers all over again.

  2. Jessie Rumble Avatar

    Haha excellent :)

    Where does the very last sound of the video come from? Reminds me of some tv show from my childhood but can’t remember more… Any help?

  3. james Avatar

    Andrew, Ben will be happy to hear that review. Him and I are all about the oldschool cartoons.

    Jessie, I’m not sure exactly where Ben grabbed those sound effects from, I know there are some Hanna Barbara in there. I’m sure he will be checking in on this post sometime today so I’ll let him fill you in.

    Joel, I agree :)

  4. Mbithi Masya Avatar

    Hahahaha! Brilliant!

    Love the old school animation and humour. Gosh i miss those days!

  5. Repo Avatar

    Amazing! Super Jimmy is my heereo!

  6. Joseph Cotten Avatar

    Oh man, great choice for advertising, James! It has a universal appeal, and I’m sure will be funny to all kinds of demographics. It sure took me back to my childhood, laughing all the way!

    @Jessie Rumble, I think that’s the bounce sound from the Gummi Bears cartoon. “Gummi Bears, bouncing here and there and everywhere…”

    @Andrew, right on, man! I was thinking the same thing.

  7. seeal Avatar

    jaja cool¡¡ ^^

  8. Jordan Silverhawk Allen Avatar

    Nice video! I laughed hard at that one. Great voice overs as well James. I’m gonna say that the sound at 0:55 is from Voltron?? Maybe, maybe not. Dave and Jerko browsing at the top of the screen in 0:06 – nice.

  9. KevinW Avatar

    Hahahahaha… Yes! When I grow up, I want to be just like James White!

    very well done. Should serve both of you very well indeed! Nice job, now I have to show this to all me friends.


  10. David Johnston Avatar

    “You beastly worm!” “Gosh-a-willies!” “Cheese-a-rooni!”
    You guys are GOLD.

  11. AKK Avatar

    I think I will have to marry this. To think, I stood in the VERY ROOM the audio was created in. I’ll never wash my eardrums again.

    Friggin classic and amazing. 200% amazing!

  12. Mike Healy Avatar

    Awesome. Awesome to the Max.

  13. Yoshikee Avatar

    That was beautiful! simply hilarious

  14. olivier Avatar

    That rocks! dam fine job – reckon you owe him a few from the top shelf :P
    mmm loved by pizza, nows thats an accolade!

  15. Neil Martin Avatar

    Well that was surprisingly awesome, especially your own cameo. Nice work, Ben.

  16. Derek Land Avatar

    well done!

    A lot of things are overdone these days – I was expecting it to be ho-hum (no offense to you James), but was pleasantly surprised.

    I like!

  17. Abe Avatar

    Classic. So Inspiring. Good work!

  18. Paul Avatar

    oh man that is so the shit, I love it. You are right you do have creative mates. Awesome just awesome.

  19. Daan Avatar

    This made me laugh, thanks James! :D

  20. Andrea Pelizzardi Avatar

    I can’t believe!
    Really awesome!


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