Signalnoise stickers

Signalnoise stickers

Here is something I’ve wanted to do for years, but had never followed through on until now. I got my order of Signalnoise stickers delivered yesterday and cannot be happier with the results. I had them printed by Sticker Robot and they really knocked the quality out of the park, and at a reasonable price.

I will be including a free sticker with all Signalnoise Store orders from now on.






13 responses to “Signalnoise stickers”

  1. Amy G Avatar
    Amy G

    Yaay! That would look great on my car : ) Can’t wait for the Tron Legacy poster to be available at the store, please? Please? Please?!

  2. Karinne Avatar

    Ooooohhhh That’s awesome news! Hmmmm… which poster to buy next…. Look for another order from this Québécoise soon :D

  3. Ryan Avatar

    Is that a two sided sticker? Color me impressed.

  4. james Avatar

    Amy, unfortunately I can’t sell the Tron poster due to copyright issues so I’ll be thinking up other creative ways to get the posters into peoples’ hands. Such as the giveaway on Abduzeedo :)

    Karinne, always a pleasure to ship posters out to fellow Canadians. Thanks so much.

    Ryan, sure is, man. The sticker is full color with a greyscale back. I didn’t even know it possible until recently. Those robots know their stuff :)

  5. Kuldar Kalvik Avatar

    Oh snap! Super awesome! You are my idol, man. :D

  6. Mike Avatar

    They look like those cardboard coasters, which could also be good. Like a sticker, except you can move them and put a drink on them.

  7. David Avatar

    So nice James! I love them.

  8. Gareth Trufitt Avatar

    Good stuff! I’ll have to get my hands on one of those bad boys, they look ace.

  9. Thomas Avatar

    james…….i know……and YOU know….wha you did……you stole my work….see you in jail.

  10. james Avatar

    Thomas, care to clarify?

  11. Raine Avatar

    What gorgeous stickers!

  12. Mkleyne Avatar

    Great stickers, perhaps I’ll get one of those in the (near) future when the awesome apparel goes live for sale. Anyway, they look nice ;)

  13. Mike M Avatar

    James… I also know… you stole my work. Good people of the Interwebs, you should know that I am really the creative genius behind signalnoise… James stole my stuff…

    Ha! I wish I was that good. :)

    Great work, James. Keep it up, and I (and everyone else) will keep wishing that our own work was worth having you steal.

    BTW, I finally got around to framing and hanging my C64 print in my office and it looks great. Although my wife is still a bit confused as to why I like it so much. But she never had the privilege of typing commands on that blue screen and loading discs into that massive drive. Thanks for creating such great images and I’m proud to now have one hanging on my wall.

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