Signalnoise stickers: Public Service

Here is a small supplemental to yesterday’s sticker post. I’m still calling these things sticker concepts, but I’m not sure what the final destination may be. Won’t worry too much about that right now, got lots of these I want to do.

I’m calling these 2 part of the “public service” line. I was walking over to the office yesterday when I came across a sign that said Fire Fleet, and the idea for the design above popped into my head. Had to be done, followed closely by a design for the Signalnoise Crime Response unit. Look out you arsonist crooks, we’re watching!

Been uploading these to my Google+ for first peaks if you want the inside track.






2 responses to “Signalnoise stickers: Public Service”

  1. Pentaura Avatar

    What a great idea James! And there are so many services you could do aswell such as the Coast Guard, Paramedics (a.k.a Ambulance services) and so on.

  2. Janne Avatar

    These are awesome. Love the colors and the design and your new wordmark looks good with these. This would make a great patch too.

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