Signalnoise sticker concepts

If you have been following my Google+ stream over the last few days you would have seen me posting some Signalnoise sticker concepts, at least that’s what I’ve been calling them. Shown here are 6 design I came up with over the weekend, exploring a different style and content. Just something different.

Even to me, the inspiration behind this content is a bit blurry. Kind of a mix of boy scouts, provincial park signage, old Lego toys, NASA mission patches (5th one down is a total NASA ape) and other stuff. Somehow very Canadian, even though I can’t put my finger on it. You know back in the 80s when you’d get a Fisher Price space guy and he’d have a cool little logo on his shoulder? A bit of that too, I guess, or how I remember it now even though I can’t find any reference. That make sense?

A little while back when I said I was refreshing the Signalnoise identity for use in new work, this is kind of what I was talking about. I’ve been doing fancy Photoshop stuff for a number of years now and I’ve been really feeling my attention shifting to content that’s more simple and pure. Vector-heavy stuff with more limited colors. I’ve been using Illustrator just as long as Photoshop (since ’95) but I feel that’s been quite hidden. Most of these only use colors plucked from my logo, plus black of course. Looking forward to experimenting with more shapes as well.

So, more of this to come? You bet your ass. I’m having way too much fun over here sketching these things in my Field Notes and throwing down some thick lines in Illustrator.






6 responses to “Signalnoise sticker concepts”

  1. Jayson Avatar

    I really like these, timeless design.

  2. Rob Loukotka Avatar

    NASA one and the Olympics bicycling one are my faves. Everything works really well with the new logo.

  3. Paul Avatar

    Like I’ve said before on G+, I absolutely love these. All these stickers would probably make a killing on the Signalnoise store.

    Is that the Biosphere on the Expo67 one?

    You should design a sticker with Moshe Safdie’s Habitat 67 on it! :D

  4. Steve Schiavello Avatar
    Steve Schiavello

    This would make a killer sticker pack James! Great work! I have to say that the pine tree one is awesome, one of my favorites.

  5. Peterpasha Avatar

    Could we refer to these as “Stickernoise?”

  6. Christopher Dean Avatar

    Love the Dartmouth. I’d be interested to see it without the leaf/logo. The rainbow is nice colour but has potentially misinterpretable queer undertones (not negative). Perhaps a skyline as an alternative background/texture? *Very* admirable to see work done in an effort to support HRM’s (lack of) public transportation. A noble cause. As my first apartment was on the “darkside,” I can both sympathize and empathize. Well done Lil’ Jimmy (OOOOH! I went there!) ((we both know it was only a matter of time)) (((i don’t want ppl to see us gettin’ all drunked up ~ i know you remember))). #ahhthegoodoltymes

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