Signalnoise Source: PSD download

Signalnoise Source: Exp.1

Last week I announced a new project I have been working on, a DVD of PSD source files entitled The Signalnoise Source. I have been working on developing and preparing the files over the past few weeks and things are going very smoothly, can’t wait to get this into peoples’ hands.

However, a few other projects have been brought to my attention over the past week which have a great capacity to stall the release. It sucks, but these new endeavours are both large and exiting.

So, because it pangs me to not deliver on what I set out to do (I’m fairly hard on myself that way) I decided to upload a small sample from the DVD set to show the kind of work that can be expected once the project ramps up. The set will include style and asset exercises such as this one with all layers intact so you can turn things on and off to see what’s going on, as well as view all the layer settings I have in place.

As I said before, I am creating these PSDs to help out those interested in learning through example. So please don’t download this source and re-sell it for commercial use, that will ruin the game for everyone.

Download the Signalnoise Source PSD, and have fun!







27 responses to “Signalnoise Source: PSD download”

  1. Shelby White Avatar

    Awesome! I’ll have to dl and take a look at how you do things.

  2. Mr Carlsen Avatar
    Mr Carlsen

    This is awesome. Thank you very much James!

  3. Manish Khatri Avatar

    Thanks a lot James,

    I m just a very big fan of your art and style of art. Thanks once again for sharing such a valuable thing.

    Have a nice day!

  4. Todd Coleman Avatar

    Thanks very much for sharing this with us James!

  5. james Avatar

    My pleasure everyone! Hope the source helps out.

  6. Anton Avatar

    Yeah, that’s amaizing

  7. Maik Kempe Avatar

    Many thanks for sharing!

  8. Jayson Avatar

    Cool. I’ve been wondering about how these are built since I got my C64 poster.

  9. Mbithi Masya Avatar

    Wow, thanks for that. It’s definitely interesting seeing how you go about your colouring and other such things.
    Great initiative! Hope to see more artists take this up. But I’d also hate to see a million copycats crop up everywhere.

  10. Jose Espinoza Avatar

    Thanks for this, your color work is amazing and this is surely going to help me understand how you get things to look so great. I too wish more artists would do this, as it helps others by opening us up to other techniques and styles.

  11. Dylan Mason Avatar

    Thanks for sharing this. I always thought looking into other people’s process and PSD files as absolute gold. Seems like such a personal thing really because everyone will do things their own way. I’m pleased to say that the way you did this piece was nothing at all like I had expected. So in that sense I learned a lot.

    And it’s amazing how a person overlooks such simple things. Thanks for teaching me how to color code layers haha.

  12. Peter Nudo Avatar

    Awesometown and your the Mayor

  13. Vilson Martins Filho Avatar

    Hey James! Thanks for sharing! Right now i’m finishing my Design graduation and will dedicate all free time for the next months to get skills on digital tools and Typography!


  14. elcaptain Avatar

    wow, thats totally impressive! didn’t thought your pieces where build like this. thank you very much, james

  15. John Avatar

    As someone mentioned above, if I were as successful as you, I wouldn’t be pretty apprehensive about copy gets when it comes to distributing this stuff.

    I hope that means we’ll just be seeing more great stuff from you in the future that the copycats couldn’t think of making :)

  16. james Avatar

    John, I can see your point. I’m a firm believer in learning by example, which is the reason I want to make a few source samples available to those interested in seeing how certain techniques are achieved. Keeping that stuff to myself doesn’t really help anyone :)

    Just my thoughts, but I think giving back to the global creative community can only help everyone involved. This is one way I can do my part.

  17. Phil Coffman Avatar

    Thanks for offering this peak into your work.

  18. Rod Sawatsky Avatar

    Thanks for sharing James…and you rest on a firm foundation with your philosophy of sharing…some people call it good Karma or “what goes around comes around” but it harkens back much further to a biblical principle about sowing and reaping. A fearful attitude about sharing simply cripples great possibilities…and who knows what may some day be given back to the community and to you by one of the beneficiaries of your open giving.

    Nice work!

  19. Viktor Olofsson Avatar
    Viktor Olofsson

    Amazing i downloaded your psd. I have tried to figur out how you been doing it and that psd helped alot

    I made this one whit what i have learned would love to hear if there is something that i forgot or what ever you think.

    And NO im not trying to steal you style just improvving some of my skills :D

  20. Max Avatar

    thanx a million….

  21. vgodard Avatar

    Thanks a million james… that’s really great…
    Since, I’d love to do my own prints (but nothing like yours !) I was wondering what are the real dimensions you’re using for the prints since this one is in 72dpi and 800x1000px

  22. […] see above. Yep, that’s me in there, but I wanted to mention the image was created using the Signalnoise Source PSD as a starting point. Just one example of how the layers can be expanded upon […]

  23. Skin3 Avatar

    Always Loved your style! Thanks for sharin the source. ’tis much appreciated ! Cheers!

  24. john r Avatar
    john r

    Thanks very much, looking fwd to tinkering under the hood, as it were! Looks beautiful too!

  25. Mike M Avatar
    Mike M

    Thanks a lot for doing this. I commonly have the problem with automatically assuming all excellent pictures involved some sort of black magic and hypertricks beyond my comprehension.

  26. cuitlahuac Avatar

    wow thanks a million for this, your a great designer i love your work and your ideas, this is gold for me thanks

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