Signalnoise to design 4 Rocketeer covers

Rocketeer cover by James White

Last week I launched my first comic book cover for The Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror #1 and now I’m happy to announce some news. I’ve been slated to do variant covers for the remaining issues of the series, which will bring the total to 4. Can’t even tell you how excited I am for this project.

Cal Johnston over at Strange Adventures is spearheading the whole thing and we’re working closely with the brass at IDW Publishing to get these things just right. We’re currently discussing stock and inks on the first cover which hits the press tomorrow (I think).

I never thought this is how 2013 would start, but the Signalnoise HQ is prepped and ready to dive in. Watch the blog over the next few weeks as the covers are revealed and I’ll be sure to post full details on how you can get your copies.






3 responses to “Signalnoise to design 4 Rocketeer covers”

  1. Tom Miatke Avatar

    Congrats man.. This must be some sort of dream coming true!! You did a brilliant job on the first one so I’m really looking forward to seeing what you come up with now! Great Job Sig!!

  2. Jess Doiron Avatar
    Jess Doiron

    James!!!! That’s amazing! Congratulations :) Definitely well deserved, can’t wait to see the next ones!

  3. Tom Muller Avatar

    Good stuff man!

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