Signalnoise signed to Mystery Box

I’m proud to announce that Signalnoise has officially signed on with representatives at Mystery Box over in the UK, who will be handling the new business side of my company. When I was over in London for a few days I had the pleasure of hanging out and talking with Ollie Judge, and since then we have ironed out the details, inked some papers, and today is when we let the world know the scoop.

Things have been in flux these past few months with Signalnoise, where I’ve quite clearly noticed my strong points and weak points. After a while of stumbling about with ups and downs, I met Ollie and everything fell into place. On top of that, I’ll be standing next to the also newly signed artist on Mystery Box, my pal and awesome guy Tom Muller.

Having artist representation is brand new to me as I’ve been flying solo for the past few years. This announcement makes me excited for the future. New doors have opened up, new plans are in place, and good vibes are all around.

My contact page has been updated with the new business email. Be sure to swing over to the newly launched Mystery Box website (twitter), and say hello to Ollie on Twitter.






9 responses to “Signalnoise signed to Mystery Box”

  1. Dave Avatar

    Congrats on the forward progress. Hopefully this will give you more time to focus on art.

    By the way, I love the horrendous grammar… “Art For A More Better Tomorrow”.

  2. james Avatar

    Ha! Thanks Dave. “For a more better tomorrow” is a joke from a company I used to work for. We always said that when a client asked for a slogan.

  3. Dax Justin Avatar

    Congrats on the recent signing James. I’m sure you will enjoy the transition into representation. Still planning on going quite hard on SNBC in the coming season?


  4. Tom Muller Avatar

    But who the hell is Tom Muller?!

  5. james Avatar

    Dax, my plan is to have the next season of SNBC up and running this fall sometime.

    Tom, the paper had trouble digging up any facts on that guy. He’s a complete riddle.

  6. Rasheed Sabir Avatar

    Art for a more better tomorrow!!! #classic #grammar :D
    …google corrected my misspelling of Grammar (“^_^)

  7. Ben Avatar

    That is clearly not a real newspaper.

  8. The Heart Burn Avatar

    Signal Noise and Mystery box… all sounds full of potential, best of luck mate!

  9. Ross Avatar

    Congrats James. Loving the Back to the Future reference – it’s about time Varanese was put behind bars.

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