Signalnoise shirt preview: Scare Bear

Scare Bear t-shirt by James White

Here is the preview of one of the designs I want to include in the next batch of Signalnoise t-shirts, the Scare Bear. As I keep working on these shirt designs and jotting down ideas I keep gravitating toward taking things from my past (toys, movies, video games) and adding some distinct heavy metal elements, and I believe this idea came out of a late-night nerdy conversation with my pal Jerko. I like wearing funny things on my chest, and the combo of retro nerdiness and heavy metal makes me laugh. This design falls in line with my previous Black Metal Busters and Metalego t-shirts.

I’ve been asked by more than a fair share of ladies inquiring when there will be t-shirts catering to the female crowd. Well, I’m going to look into offering some lady-sizes with this design to see if it’s in the cards.

More to come as I move forward, and watch the blog for some more preview as I bang the designs out.






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  1. Jess Avatar

    Yay “lady sizes!” lol

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