Signalnoise Saturday Morning: My old toys

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  1. I had a lot of these being an 80’s child. These look like there in great condition though. Most of mine had arms and legs missing. M.A.S.K was awesome back in the day. The toys were quality as well, especially the car that flipped up and a boat shot out from it… you don’t get that nowadays!

  2. Awesome collection! I have that Kermit on my desk right now! I remember having those Garfield’s and Fraggle Rock toy too. I think they were from a McDonald’s Happy Meal but not sure about that.

  3. Wow. You’ve even got the Fraggle Rock carrot car from the McDonalds Happy Meal! So many memories. The ’80s really were awesome. I miss the days when a toy’s movements were due to a hole in its back for your finger (WWF figures).

  4. Oliver, wicked bunch of figures! They look perfectly at home, along with those square-headed Ninja Turtles.

    Waggit, you’re right. Toys these days are either way too thought-out, or not planned out enough.

    Melissa, yes! The Muppet Babies, Garfield, Spider-man and Fraggle Rock toys are all from McDonalds happe meals. I used to love getting those things. The California Raisins are also from KFC.

    Matt, I had all the Biker Mice motorcycles back in the day too. Wish I still had them, even though they would have taken up a lot of space.

    Joseph, those thumb wrestlers are still amazing. Super posable and great for staging fights. My dad bought those for me back in 1986.

  5. Being born at the end of the decade, I missed out on all these great toys :(

    However, I did have a ton of wrestlers, a wrestling ring, and a badass Batmobile.

  6. Ah Memories, I have 3 brothers and we were each given a different turtle one year for christmas. I also had transfomers and wrestlers, certainly beats the toys of today!

  7. I absolutely agree!

    I still have all the Garfield toys, and the Red Fraggle car. I think I had Wembly and Gobo at one point. . .

  8. Wow, aside from the wrestling figures, I seriously had every one of those! Though I also had a bunch of Bucky O’Hair, Army Ants, Exoquad and the cool GI Joes from the 80s.

    Can’t find any of them any more. Think my parents tossed em.

  9. sweet – had quite a few of those too!

    Got a whole heap of my old toys from the 80’s recently also, been meaning to post some pics up…plenty star wars and a few A team figures. Even got the EWOK village! man i loved that thing, still remembered being so stoked to find it at some shop in a clearout and being able to buy it with me pocket money :)

    @ warren – original transfomers were awesome – I mean the new ones don’t even have the heat sticker to reveal if they are decepticon or autobot!

  10. Wow. Flashback.
    Fragglerock racers, WWF stamps (from KFC if I remember correctly), Bucky O’Hare, Skeletor! California Raisons..

    And not one, but TWO Macho Man Randy Savages! ha ha

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