Signalnoise Rorschach t-shirt

Signalnoise Rorschach t-shirt

I have a very limited supply of Signalnoise Rorschach t-shirts available for purchase at the Signalnoise Store in standard M, L and X-L sizes. These are white silkscreened on black Gildan Ultra Cotton t-shirts and will be shipped in bubbled envelopes.

The rorschach crow image was taken from the cover of my Art of Signalnoise book I released just over a year ago, which catalogues my work from 1999 – 2007.

Unfortunately this limited run is only available in the sizes listed above, but I am planning on offering more Signalnoise apparel in the future.






7 responses to “Signalnoise Rorschach t-shirt”

  1. Matthew Hall Avatar

    Wow it looks great!

  2. Grant Friedman Avatar

    Which reminds me, I might wear a signal noise t-shirt if one existed…

  3. Alison K Avatar
    Alison K

    Get these now folks. There’s no better feeling than those birds across your chest! Glad to see them available again!

  4. Alvaro Farfan Avatar

    No man… Arrrrrrg…!!! you must make in S size. For the skinny people, please.


  5. Signalnoise Fan Avatar
    Signalnoise Fan

    These are great. Yes please offer size small in your next batch of shirts. Thanks!

  6. Eli Avatar

    Just purchased a Large, seeing as though Medium was out of stock. Medium-large is normally right for me. Looking forward to getting a free bookmark too :D

  7. Bryan Avatar

    Glad to have come across your website, your designs are sweet as! Love the shirt, so I’m going to get myself one now :)

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