Signalnoise Retweet contest today!

Twitter contest by James White

Daft Punk and Atari by James White

I was going through my Signalnoise poster stock over the weekend and came across a couple I didn’t know I still had, the Daft Punk and Atari posters seen above.

I created these posters last year and did a very small print run, hoping to get permission from both Daft Punk and Atari and sell them in my store. Unfortunately I scored neither, so the logos were replaced by what is currently on the posters. See here and here.

That being the case, I will be having a retweet contest this afternoon to giveaway the two posters. All you have to do is retweet the phrase I will supply within the given limited timeframe. Just one entry per person.

I will be giving plenty of notice on my Twitter for all you tweet-peeps, so be sure to keep an eye out :) Good luck!

Update: Contest is closed. Thanks to everyone who entered!






6 responses to “Signalnoise Retweet contest today!”

  1. pzilla Avatar

    Sweet! I dig both of these posters. Thanks for giving them away.

  2. szy Avatar

    I’ve never retweeted before. Hope I did it correctly :)

    How will you know who retweeted your phrase? I’m a bit lost.

  3. William Avatar

    Aargghh! Missed out. I would have joined Twitter just for a chance at the sweet Atari poster! :(

  4. Marvin Avatar

    I *thought* there was something missing from your store (most notably the Atari poster as, for the most part, with Daft Punk, while I *do* like them, I can also take them or leave them)…

    I am a bit disappointed, though, that both entities were/are far too self-important and/or caught-up in the legal bullshit to let you use the name(s) on your posters. They missed the opportunity to have themselves associated with an artist whose work is far more interesting than anything either one of them have done in years…

  5. james Avatar

    Szy, I use hashtags within the retweeted post that will be caught by a Twitter search. So when the contest is finished I can refine my search to only include the entries.

    Marvin, I appreciate the kind words. When I designed the posters I figured it was a bit of a longshot to get approval from either camp, because they are big companies where I’m small time. I never got a reply of Daft Punk, but Atari basically said they couldn’t make enough off me to warrant a license agreement :) I know very little about all that business, so I simply removed both logos.

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