Signalnoise Retro Poster competition

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  1. Damn you James, I have work to do – but I really want to do this, ha ha!

    I think I need a constant line to David Crosby so I can phone him to tell him when I’m really tempted, just to hear his calm & soothing response;
    “Just take each day at a time, and know that I love you”

  2. Really excited! I uploaded some James White inspired art to the Flickr group this morning. I guess I’ll have to make something new for the contest! Can’t wait to see all the great submissions : D

  3. Cool! I am little busy right now , but I will defenitely find a free time and make a poster for this great contest

  4. Yeah, I’m definitely going to enter. But lord, what a huge format to work in (speaking as one who does web graphics more often than posters)

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