Signalnoise Retro Poster competition

I’m excited to announce the launch of the Signalnoise Retro Poster Competition. I always enjoy having little contests and giveaways here on the blog and on Twitter, but up until now there has been very little participation outside of commenting or retweeting. That changes now, the floor will be given to you to design your own retro or vintage poster. Here are the simple guidelines on how you enter:

1. Download the poster template (PSD, 44k).
2. Design your retro or vintage inspired poster.
3. Upload your poster to the Signalnoise Flickr group with “Signalnoise Retro Poster Competition entry” written somewhere in the description.
4. Eat a sandwich, you deserve it after all your hard work.

So, what will you win? I wanted to offer a bunch of goodies to make this competition really worth while, so I will be awarding the winner a bunch of posters not available in the Signalnoise Store and some other fun stuff. Here is the rundown of the gear you see in the photo above:

Tron Legacy poster, 18 x 24
Wordburglar poster, 18 x 24
FITC Awards Party poster, 18 x 24
Broadcast art show poster, 18 x 24
2010 mini poster, 11 x 17 canvas print
Signalnoise Classic t-shirt in your size
• 4 gold foil Signalnoise logo stickers
• 4 Signalnoise logo stickers
• 3 Signalnoise wordmark stickers
• 4 Signalnoise buttons

The deadline for entries will be midnight on November 15, 2010 (competition now closed). Anyone can enter and you may create as many entries as you wish. Once we reach the deadline I will judge all entries to select 5 honorable mentions and the 1 grand prize winner who will receive all the loot you see above. I’m really looking forward to seeing what you all come up with, best of luck!

EDIT: Competition is now closed. I’ll be posting the entries in the next few days. Stay tuned!






19 responses to “Signalnoise Retro Poster competition”

  1. Mark Avatar

    Awesome! I’m so in!

  2. Jose Luis Ramirez Avatar

    Sweet, im definitely gonna give this one a shot!

  3. Bryan Rollins Avatar

    i think i’ll actually give this one a go

  4. Nathaniel Schweinberg Avatar

    Man, Sounds good to me!

  5. Ciaran Monaghan Avatar

    Lookin forward to having a go at this!

  6. Kevin Gilmour Avatar

    Damn you James, I have work to do – but I really want to do this, ha ha!

    I think I need a constant line to David Crosby so I can phone him to tell him when I’m really tempted, just to hear his calm & soothing response;
    “Just take each day at a time, and know that I love you”

  7. Cameron D Avatar
    Cameron D


  8. Joseph Cotten Avatar

    Very cool. I can’t wait to see what everybody comes up with! I’ll have to take a shot too…

  9. Phillip Jacowski Avatar
    Phillip Jacowski

    Really excited! I uploaded some James White inspired art to the Flickr group this morning. I guess I’ll have to make something new for the contest! Can’t wait to see all the great submissions : D

  10. Tiho Avatar

    can I start with the sandwich first?

  11. Fill Avatar

    Cool! I am little busy right now , but I will defenitely find a free time and make a poster for this great contest

  12. Vegar Avatar

    Yeah, I’m definitely going to enter. But lord, what a huge format to work in (speaking as one who does web graphics more often than posters)

  13. Pippen Samson Avatar
    Pippen Samson

    Yes! I’ll definitely give it a shot!

  14. brian Avatar

    swell contest man

  15. Grant Avatar

    This would have been a great thing to host on Dribbble… But not everyone is on there yet, unfortunately.

  16. Simon H. Avatar

    Aaaaand… we’re in.

  17. Gabriel Avatar

    I’m so in! Cool idea :)

  18. Max Stanworth Avatar

    Just added my entry, as Ive had some free time! Great comp

  19. Thomas Avatar

    My first attempt at a retroish style. Thought I’d give it a shot for the poster design I made for my girlfriend and enter it here. Why not! :)

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