Signalnoise Poster Giveaway

  1. Hi James,

    well my favourite game of all time must be “Alex Kid in Miracle world”. Why? Well it was my first game i ever played on a Sega 8bit (back in to old days :) ) and i played it for hours and hours. Aah that takes me back :)
    Nice work on the Daft Punk poster! I saw them live couple of years ago …


  2. Video games? Daft Punk? It doesn’t get much better than that!
    My favourite video game of all time is Tetris (DX version on the Gameboy Colour). Uncool, but true.

  3. I’d love to get the Robot Rock poster. BTW, how are the talks going with Daft Punk — is a release of the poster possible in the near future?
    My favorite game of all time is Final Fantasy VII, even after all these years.

  4. Hello there,

    Oh yeah, it’s a tie.
    My favorite games have to be the Need For Speed series, particularly Underground to Pro Street and, the GTA series.
    Best I’ve ever played.
    On PC. :D :D :D

  5. why just 2 posters? you might have a great collection of prints to be given away! ,)
    imho, Super Mario Galaxy rocks.

  6. Hey there, your artwork is so great! Hmm, my favourite game would have to be Space Quest II… Rockin it out back in the day trying to find the exact words to type…

  7. My favorite game of all time has to be Zelda’s Wind Waker, the graphics cheer me up every time!

    Love the posters!

  8. Hi, James. Good works! Last series of retro are really stunning.
    Well, about my favourite video game… I think it would be arkanoid (different variations).

  9. Proper smashing posters!
    My favourite video game of all time? I’ve probably put more hours than anyone has ever even imagined into Chuckie Egg on the Amstrad. Yes, you heard me right. Not Tekken, not Resident Evil, and no, not even the old chestnut that was Day of the Tentacle. Chuckie Egg. I’m probably one of the very few people on the planet to have got past level 90!
    However, for a sheer incredible display of virtuosity, you really do need to see my impression of a Space Invader.

  10. Mr. James!

    Didn’t you have a comic you were working on a few years ago? Seems I remember seeing some really keen stuff from you over on blambot. Was very good-looking work.

    Anywho! Favorite video game? All-time is probably StarCraft. What a hoot! Recently maybe Gears of War?

  11. Great posters!

    well, it is a tough decision but my favourite would have to be Civ2 the hours i lost on that game both bare think about!

  12. Hey – didn’t want to miss this chance… so first of all your style is great and the daft punk poster rocks!

    favorite video game? hm … i while ago, but once it was ultima online *corp por*


    Season Zero

  13. Hey James got a nice little space for one more print on my wall ;-)

    Favourite games ? Rick dangerous on amstrad CPC 6128
    Don’t know if this game cross ocean from europe to america…

  14. Lovely idea, great posters!

    Favourite Game: Team Fortress Classic (seriously underrated in it’s heyday)

  15. MDK. It’s kind of an obscure game anymore, but it was available on PC, Dreamcast and I think it made it to PS2. It was styled like a sci-fi comic book. You had alien invaders strip mining earth, and you, janitor to a mad scientist, had to save it.

    Really immersive and gigantic alien machines, interesting battles despite it all being point and shoot, or snipe. Very under appreciated.

  16. Amazing Stuff.

    my fav game of all time is quake3arena, never had so much competition on a game.
    Fav Classic game is “the great giana sisters” – played that one for uncounted hours.

    sooo stunning posters!

  17. Mmmmm… I’ve a got a lot of favourites videogames, but probably I choose the original Commodore Bubble Bobble. It reminds me good times playing hours and hours after school bubbling everything that moves!

  18. James, gorgeous looking posters! All time favourite.. has to be Call of Duty 4, nothing has come close to consuming as much time as this game has.

  19. I spent so many many many hours playing Metroid. Really, I’m a fan of the whole 2D series, though I’ve never been especially good at any of the Primes (Hunters I beat, that was fun). Thanks for the super opportunity!

  20. Hi James !

    Any poster will do it since I love them all. :-)

    About the best game I’ve ever played, I’ve several ones but there’s one which I think is a pure beauty : Ico . It’s just so intense graphically but there is so much emotion coming from this piece of art thanks to the beautiful music (which is as good as the Rick Roll one :-P ) and it’s indeed like a poetry. Two different beings can’t communicate with words but they understand each other with moves and expressions, this is just priceless. You also fight monsters with a simple wooden stick (well in the beginning at least) while you have to take i and rescue this beautiful lady.

    Yeah, definitely the best game ever. :)

  21. I’m a sucker for Mario. I’d say my favorite from the series had to be Super Mario Brothers for SNES. I must have lost days of my childhood caught up in that game.

  22. You’re work is really inspiring to me…Love it.

    The best game ever is “The Day of Tantacle”. yeah! Classics Rules ^^

  23. My favourite… that´s tough

    Comix Zone and Earthworm Jim RULE!

    But Bubble Bobble was cool too… and the Blues Brothers game for PC…

    there were so many cool games back in the old days!

  24. Excellent work…

    I don’t play many video games these days, but I have very fond memories of “Bonk’s Great Adventure” on my older brother’s TurboGrafx-16. Seriously.

  25. The Daft Punk poster is great, and so is the Atari one, hard to pick! My favorite game (series) is Metal Gear Solid, #1 on PlayStation being my favorite of them, and Metal Gear Solid 3 : Snake Eater very close by.

  26. Oh… and favorite game is gonna have to be Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved… gah… so awesome.

  27. HI there.. my well its nice to see you are giving away stuff for free out there so lets see if i can get one of those or not..
    hmm answere to your question is my favorite game for all time has to be SUPER MARIO :P

  28. My all-time favorite video game is old school original NES: Bionic Commando. I wasted too much of my youth playing that.

    Great work as always James!

  29. I think my favorite game would have to be Escape Velocity. So much of my childhood was sunk into that thing.

  30. whey, daft punk poster is crazy good! dig the art and the band
    possible favorite game would have to be metal gear solid on playstation, brilliant on every play! xo

  31. I cross my fingers !

    My favorite game of all time is of course Final Fantasy VII on Playstation. This game is the deepest and the most immersive game I’ve ever “played” (more like “lived”).

  32. Nice Ones…besides what size are they?

    Let’s have a look on my favorite game of all time (hard to say, there are lots)!
    May the best series of games is the ‘Final Fantasy Saga’ but for a one-shot i say:

    “Pong” – because it made us keep on playin’…

  33. Gorgeous posters, man! The Daft Punk one is bloody perfect. As for video games, I’d say the game I’ve had the most fun with is probably Tribes 2. Spent some long nights waging war on the TWL ladder back in the day. Unfortunately, a patch broke the game for me and I had to move on. If I discount online games, I’d have to go with Baldur’s Gate II – not a perfect game in every respect, but as close as it gets. It’s hard to just choose one or two, though. I’ll leave off with a mention of an underrated classic: Beyond Good & Evil. Five years old and it’s still beautiful. Give it a go if you haven’t.

  34. My very first videogame I remember is MoonPatrol – it made a very big impression on me (I wasn’t very difficult to impress at the time – I was a kid).

  35. Hi.

    My favorite game is Sonic the Hedgehog on SEGA Mega Drive. I just love the character and the game is so nostalgic, i used to play it when i was 10 years old…


  36. Braahahsgargh. oh hi. best game ever = Snake 2 on the old nokia phones.
    Keep up the good work.

  37. Hello,

    For me, MarioKart (any version) is tops for me. I have very fond memories of skipping class to play with my college roommates. Sorry GPA! :)

    In regards to the posters; just amazing work. I can’t wait to received the 2 I ordered. Someday, I hope the Munich print is available again.


  38. That Atari print would go very nicely with my red vintage Atari t-shirt ;-)

    Best video game of all time? That’s a really tough call; I think I’d have to say Shenmue on Dreamcast

  39. Great work! Love the Daft Punk one, caught em last summer and this tops any of the official merch they had available. I love the clean & minimal take on the very over the top stage performance, reminds me of the excitement right when the lights go down before the dance party starts.

    As for favorite video game, gotta be the Fallout series on PC. Post apocalyptic role playing with tons of dark humor.

  40. :))
    I really like the style of your illustrations. Sharp and colorful.
    Reminds me of the OMNI magazine covers! A nostalgic childhood time…
    My fave videogame is “MYST” from Sinclair 28k and later “MYST” for the PC!

    Keep doing the great work!

  41. Hi there James,

    I’m a poster lover, and I really like your work!

    My all-time favorite game is The Dig (

  42. Wicked! May 1st happens to be my birthday. Feeling lucky I am, and for the record favorite video game of all time would have to be Wolfenstein 3D for DOS. Adios.

  43. Hi,

    I would love to have the daftpunk poster in my room, soo goood!
    My favourite videogame is Final Fantasy VII…good old times :)

  44. #1 game is the original Toejam & Earl for Sega Genesis. In the very first level, you can reach a secret island that will take you to level 0. This level consists of hula girls, lemonade and a hot tub. Now that was a video game!

  45. Hey James, your work is fantastic & your ideas keep getting better!

    Favorite video game:
    Star Control II: The Ur-Quan Masters

  46. Wow, would love to get a free copy of those!! My all time favorite game must be “The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past” on SNES. :-) Awesome…

  47. I thought long and hard on this one, and I’d have to say Final Fantasy IV (FF 2 in it’s original North American release). It changed the way I looked at console gaming from then onward, and facilitated my transition from pen and paper RPGs to console and PC RPGs.

    What I almost picked, was a tie between two of my favourite platformers. Marble madness on the Amiga, or Wizards and Warriors on the NES. :)

  48. Oooh. I have the perfect place for those posters :) … so PICK ME! PICK ME! heheh

    My favorite game of all time is Portal. It’s not Atari, and it’s not old school, but it is made of awesome.

  49. noo a lot of comments!! =)

    my favourite videogame is Fina lFantasy VI of SNES, because is was one of the best RPG without 3D i been played, the music is awesome and the story is great, and bring me too many memories.

    another titles that i can’t forget:

    -Super Metroid (SNES)
    -Castlevania SotN (PSX)
    -Super Mario Bros 3 (Nes)
    -Starcraft (PC)

  50. Ooh! I think I’m more partial to the Atari poster (the shapes and colors are gentler, yet without compromising a sense of technological epic-ness), but both are great.

    I was a Tetris fanatic as a kid. Still am.

  51. i love the poster designs, color and subject matter.
    of all time? i’d probably have to go with adventure (atari 2600) although there was some summer games one for the commodore 64 that i loved to play, too.

  52. Favorite game ever? Tough question… Monkey Island 3 rocks, no one can resist those those old adventure games ! Keep up the great work !

  53. I’d have to say my favorite “party” game is Bomberman from the SuperNES… it’s one of the few roms I’ve ever bothered to find, that and Battletoads. Oh, and the TMNT games on the NES were great as well. Thanks for asking this question… all kinds of nostalgia rushing back.

    Great work by the way, you’re quite inspirational.

  54. Well, not to date myself, but the videogame that I had the most skill at was “Yar’s Revenge.” My (much younger) brothers still laugh at me while playing Halo (I, II, or III) or anything similar because of my old-man skills. That said, my favorite game of all time is probably Virtua Fighter 2 on the Saturn. We invested heavily into Sega products (Sportstalk Baseball FTW), and while most people would consider the Saturn a market failure, to me it was a success and probably my favorite system of all time. There’s a deep and amazingly fun catalog of first-party titles (Daytona, Sega Rally, Decathlon, Winter Games), but my favorite was undoubtably Virtua Fighter 2 (though the “Fighters Megamix” was an arguably better game). Ah, memories. Sega, you magnificent bastard, where have you gone.

  55. My favourite game of all time has to be Zelda: Link’s Awakening. It’s got just the right atmosphere for an adventure game.

  56. my fave game of all time and still trying to look for it, is “Alex Kid in Miracle world”. i’ve got it with my sega system. good old days. want to actually finish it, but it got stolen due to a break-in. :(

  57. Hey James, before anything else, I must tell you how much I dig your style; it transports me back in time to my adolescence like little else I’ve seen.

    My favorite videogame of all time might be Pitfall, though I’m also partial to Rampage, Karateka, Paperboy, Zak McCracken and Leisure Suit Larry.

  58. I never really thought about a favourite video game Although the game I spent the most hours on is probaly bomberman & simcity.

  59. Favorite game of all time for me would be TMNNT IV: Turtles in Time, on the Super Nintendo. It takes half an hour to get to the end, but hey, I was about six years old.

    By the way, you rock, Mr. White. And I hope you know it.

  60. It is funny how things work in life. Your designs are something I´ve always wanted to do. Love all of it!

    It is hard to say te only one game of all time… But here I go… My all time fav is a weird one… Shadow of the Colossus… I play games since ATARI and the reason behind SotC is not how it looked, but the way it made me feel when fighting the Colossi… Sudenly I was 12 years old again.

  61. I loved a game called Dark Cloud or Dark Chronicle (different names in different parts of the world) for the PS2. It was nice looking, atmospheric, had a nice game mechanic and was complex enough to ensure hundreds of game hours.

  62. SuperMarioBrothers3. When it came out, there was nothing like it. It blew my 9 year old mind. And after nearly two decades of playing it, there are still different ways of doing it. Having the most style to win points, competitions to see who can go through the level without touching the ground the most, etc… Still a good time.

  63. I Love your work and your site it’s one of the very few I actually have bookmarked on my machine. I would kill to get my hands on those posters! My favourite video game of all time easily has to be Final fantasy 7 (FF7) the best storyline and gameplay ever! Probably one of the last games to concentrate on these two key elements instead of the over hyped world of todays graphics lead poop fest that is modern video gaming (i.e. Halo, Metal Gear, Gears of War, Crysis…)

  64. Awesome, Thanks for the chance to win these.
    Fav video game (several categories)
    Coin-op = Robotron
    Atari = space invaders
    PS1 = Oddworld
    PS2 = wipeout 3
    Mac = Halo
    (For what it’s worth: Fav Daft Punk song = Harder Better Faster Stronger).

  65. Hi James!
    My favorite Atari game was Pitfall. It was also my first one back then in 1984. :D
    Always great posters. Hope I’ll win.

    Oh, you asked the favorite off all time :(
    MAC – Quake I
    Master System – Kenseiden.

    Cheers ;^)

  66. I love your work, and would buy both of these prints if you are ever allowed to sell them! Robotron 2084, ftw.

  67. hui, there are a lot of comments ;D

    video games?
    i realy loved vagrand story on the playstation. it’s definitly squares best game ever.
    and for now it is mario kart on my ds!

  68. YAY!

    Favorite game… Tekken 4! The arcade version ofcorse. Time Crisis is awesome too.

  69. Super Mario please? (clink clink clink)

    Man, I totally dig that Daft Punk poster!

  70. My favourite game of all time isn’t really a game so to speak. It’s Garry’s Mod, It lets you use the source engine to create everything from outlandish spaceships to huge hulking fortresses. The only game that even comes close to giving me that much enjoyment would have to be Trackmania United.

  71. Awesome posters! My fav game has to be Black Tiger (side scroller hack-n-slash from the 80’s). I could play that sucker for hours on one quarter!

  72. Track & Field, arcade version. But the one where you had to hi the buttons really fast to run, not the trackball version.

  73. I really like the Atari one. The videogame that consumed most hours from my childhood (teenhood etc etc) must be the endless row of footygames on my C64. But if I had to pick one it is Emlyn Hughes International Soccer.

  74. Favorite game would prob have to be: Contra
    up up down down left right….. who does’nt remember that?!!!

    btw, eagerly waiting to order the new print you made! love your work.

  75. You are the bee’s knees, the cat’s meow! Timeless like the Final Fantasies (which are the best games ever, next to Bubble Bobble that is.)

  76. Hey, I want to say your work is really inspiring. My favorite game is “The Dig”

  77. My favorite game ever is Pac-man. Yeah, I know, it’s not exactly one of the newest ones, but hey, is it addicting!

  78. My favorite game of all time? Definitely Civilization! But Zelda and Super Mario are pretty close ;-)


  79. Hmm… I’m pretty sure I’d have to say Shadows of the Empire for Nintendo 64. The only gaming system I had before that was an Amiga computer and my dad’s Commodore 64. I played them both a lot but I can’t remember any of the titles from those systems…

  80. Favorite game of all time is Revenge of Shinobi for the Genesis. Just fun as hell to play and a great soundtrack. What ever happened to the options screen that let you play all the sound effects and music tracks in a game??

  81. My favorite game of all time is probably Katamari Damacy.The worlds, music, and gameplay are so perfectly unique. There’s nothing else like it. :)

    (Runners-up would be DuckTales for the NES, the online game World of Sand, the PC games in The Orange Box, and Super Puzzle Fighter II for the the PS2.)

  82. So many possibilities to choose between! But I think, in the end, I’d have to go with Super Mario World. My brother and I spent our entire Christmas vacation one year just sitting on the living room floor in our PJs, with bowls of Rice Krispy Treast cereal, playing through the game. Even though we’d played Atari, the original Mario Bros. arcade machine, and hundreds of hours of Game Boy Tetris, SMWorld completely engrossed us.

  83. my alltime-favourite-video-game-rocker? … WIZBALL!!! for the C64 … why?
    -> extremely great theme ->
    -> revolutionary game-concept for 1987 … collect chemicals of 3 different colors to warp to the next level … best game ever … i don’t regret any single second playing this game :D

  84. There is great possibility that a lot of you tried and loved this game – if not, you’re really missing something. It has been some years since it was released, but none the less, it still rocks!
    I present, the mighty “Transport Tycoon” – preferable the new Open Source version OpenTTD where you can “play” online competing against others!

    (this recommendation simple has to award me the posters! :))

  85. Hello, I Looooooove posters, much more than videogames :) The Daft Punk Poster is more than brilliant. Can I buy it from somewhere?

  86. Amazing posters! My favourite game ever is Flashback on the Amiga 600. Real old school.

  87. Gotta be Mario Kart on N64 (though I’m hoping the Wii version might top it!). Many memories of MK competitions at University…

  88. James, nice grid at “Robot Rock” and the spotlight give it a great ballance.

    The favoritte video game? Uhm.. Hard choice…

    I’ll choose Sega’s Virtua Racing at Genesis (Mega Drive). I played a lot!

  89. Very nice – as for the game – it will most likely be the first Max Payne, with Kung Fu Mod :)

  90. Hey James,
    Huge fan of your work here. Keep on doing what you do.
    My favourite video game is the tried and true – any one from GTA series. Weird choice for a girl, but I don’t like scary games and I enjoy being in control of my faith and cruising round the city on a game generated motorcycle.

  91. Definitely gotta be Tetris. Could you imagine daft punk doing a rendition of the theme song? Nice!

    Seriously good work here. Press on.

  92. Final Fantasy for NES. The original version was my favorite, I’d stay up all night fighting Ogres Creeps, & Geists outside of Elfland for a are great
    Gold pieces and Experience points.

  93. guess this means u weren’t able to make the DP poster available in the shop? thats a bummer

    fav game of all time for me would have to be… Spyro the dragon: gateway to Glimmer :P for playstation. just really enjoyed flaming lots of sheep lol.


  94. I can’t go past Duck Hunt, I just love that old NES gun… Love your work, inspirational

  95. Hey, Mr. White today is my first introduction with you and your work, and I am greeted wit a chance to Win two amazing pieces! Well, favorite game would have to be Sonic The Hedgehog, simply because that was my first love.

  96. I have to go with Starcraft – despite oldschool console classic like Super Mario World for the SNES, the Final Fantasy series and Ocarina of Time being the legends they are, I love how competitive and relevant Starcraft stays, even today :)

  97. That Daft Punk poster is one of my favorite works of yours. It’s really hard to narrow down, but my favorite game is Zelda: Ocarina of Time with Driver running a close second.

  98. If I dont win, will the daft punk poster be available in the shop?
    I want it so bad.

  99. great contest, i sure wanna enter the draw!! great work

    btw, my favorite game of all times is duck tales,a sega master system classic!!!

  100. Great posters (I love Daft Punk)
    Great Blog (I’ve just discovered it today…poor me)
    Superb Gallery

    My favourite game is Rainbow Islands for Sega Master System II.

  101. I absolutely love Daft Punk! Will this one be available to purchase if I don’t win? I would love to have this on my wall!

    As for my favorite video game, I would have to say Starfox for the SNES. I remember playing that game for hours at a time!

  102. As I posted, I love the daft punk poster! When I don’t get one for free, I will order one!


  103. James, your posters rock. That Atari poster brings me back to the days of Pitfall and trying to navigate over those damn alligator heads.

    Can’t wait to see what’s next…

  104. James… these posters have dominated my dreams since I first saw them!

    My favorite game experience would have to be a little gem called Rez, just the way they combined sound and incredible visuals makes it hard to top. Watching someone else play is as enjoyable as playing it, wiki synesthesia for the crazy theory it was based off of.

  105. Zelda: Ocarina of Time

    This book is coming along nicely James, I’ll shoot you an email with a layout proof soon!

  106. OMG Daft Punk Posters, man dat would be a dream come true if I had that on my wall. Count me in for this competition please.
    Hmm my favorite video game. Being the petrol head I am will have to go for the Gran Turismo series. It’s soo addicting!!! Can’t wait for number 5 to come out next year.

  107. Hello!

    I used to have a spectrum and my most played games were probably Nether Earth and Paperboy… But they were just as much fun as tetris or solitaire later on. I still find these to have a much higher replay value then let’s say call of duty or assassins creed i’m playing these days since i don’t have to involve myself in any virtual worlds.

    so cheers and looking forward to these beatiful posters :)


  108. Hey there!
    My all time favorite game must be Super Mario Kart on the SNES.

    Discovered your work via behance, really digging it!

  109. Many many games i have enjoyed throughout my gaming life.. but there is one that always sticks in my mind, just that memory of saturday afternoons down the arcade in town slotting 10p’s into Quartet.. wicked music! Dooo Do Da Dee do still in my head..

  110. Never really spent much time gaming but I did discovered the healing power of Wipeout on PS2 while recovering from a dislocated shoulder from wiping out snowboarding. Oh, the irony.

  111. mmmm… i would have to say Final Fantasy series… don’t care which number… each one had something great…

    ok… and for the sake of it, i have to give credit for Burnout… it’s a great way to distress… :)

  112. Love your work, sir. Even though the odds are long (and getting longer), this contest bugged me out (in a good way).

    Super Mario World for the SNES or Sunset Riders/Ninja Turtles at the local Mazzios Pizzaria, way back when.

  113. Give me those please ;)

    My fave video game is Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I cried when Link went back in time and all memories were lost.

  114. My favorite game that I overplayed is Frostbite by Activision on the Atari 2600. I had a ”The Boss” joystick that made the little Eskimo (….sorry… Inuit ) jump around like mad at high speeds.

  115. My favourite game of all time has to be Final Fantasy 7, any gamer will appreciate the cinematography in this game, along with the most compelling story line and true fantasy :)

    P.S. Big fan of your work, a huge inspiration.

  116. really nice works, atari ftw.
    my fav oldschool games were tetris, prehistorik and that incredible machine game where you built some devices to for example move a bowling ball from one end of level to another. that was great.

  117. My favorite game of all time is Gradius! The first one, they got way to advance after that. I can play Gradius for hours. My second favorite game would have to be Castlevania… again, the first one. Your posters are very inspirational and I hope to be able to hang them on my wall next to my “Hang in there” poster of the kitten hanging from a rope. =D


  118. When I was 10 it was Bionic Commando
    When I was 12 it was Metroid
    When I was 13 it was Blaster Master
    When I was 20 it was Rock Band (the reality game :P)
    When I was 25 it was Parasite Eve
    When I was 28 it was Katamari Damacy
    Today it is Shadow of the Collossus

    Keep rockin’ it!

  119. Thank you for your kind.
    Sleek and modern in retro aspect.
    Your work is awesome and I want to have it (if I got that chance).
    My Fav game are PONG and TENNIS in ATARI platform.

  120. duuuuuude, I sooooo want to get the posters! I think I would replace my wedding pictures on the living room with the atari, and the who needs a tv set when I can see Daft Punk’s inspired poster all the time.

    My favorite Game of all times HAS to be 1993’s Flashback. The amount of pixel crisp detail on that game and the physics was AMAZING. I would re play that game over Halo 3 any day of the week now.

    It had probably the first 3D attempts on a game (including a 3D bike), a cool intro, great midi songs and a guy armed with a gun who didn’t remember who he was. COME ON, WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE?

  121. o fortuna.. favorite game of all time? must be the one I still load savegames occasionally into: transport tycoon. for a quick arcade refresher: gridwars/trackmania

  122. the simplicity of shapes and colours used in the posters are amazing. Would love to have it. ps tetris as its such a classic and still enjoyable to play

  123. Um, even though I don’t want to admit it; Tetris still is my number one favorite. Especially since I have Quinn for mac.

  124. Yeah wow… been admiring your work for the last couple months or so. Brilliant style. Very impressive. I think I left a comment on yr flickr pg that I was interested in buying the daft punk print… let us know when (or if) these will be for sale!!

    My favorite game of all time is probably super mario bros II.


  125. I just discovered your work recently and I’m loving the stuff you do.

    Favorite game of all time is super mario bros. 3 for NES. my brother and I still stay up late once in a while and play it all the way through without skipping. (takes hours but its a blast).

  126. Fantastic work. Ever think of doing more bands? Perhaps other electronic artists. I would buy.

  127. First off, thanks for keeping this site so active with your amazing art work. It is great to come here time and again for inspiration and just to bathe in the colors!

    And my favorite video game is easy.
    Mr. Do!
    Aside from the game play, I love the music and the crunchy graphics, and the slightly-off color pallet. It wasn’t as good on home systems as the arcade, but most weren’t.

  128. my favorite video game of all time is: day of the tentacle!

    these posters are sweet as hell. please hook me up. thanks!


  129. Favorite game? Why, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker of course! It’s like playing a Saturday morning cartoon.

  130. Hey, I’ve been tracking your work for quite a while now, yeah I’m a lurker. But your style is very distinct and sparks the creative juices flowin’! Would love to snag one of those posters.

    I’d have to say that my favorite old school game would be the NES version of Spelunker. 17 years later, that song still gets stuck in my head for hours on end.

    Viva la retro video games!

  131. This is so hard… like naming your favorite child! I guess its the first “Sam & Max Hit the Road”. And all the other adventure games made by EA.

  132. my favorite game is zak mckracken and therefore I’m more than happy to see my hero is abck in the game…

  133. Awesome, count me in! Don’t want to miss this chance either for I am a starting graphic designer myself (with still some empty spaces on the wall ^^) and realy like your work.

    And my favorite game? Definitely Super Mario Land on the Game Boy!
    Those were the days! :)

  134. My most favouritest game everest has to be Final Fantasy 7 on PSX/PsOne. Exploring every corner of the map, trying to find everything there was to find, breeding chocobos, fighting every fight there was to fight etcetera… And it looked so amazing. *sighs*

    The best thing about this game is that I never actually got to finish it ’cause my lovely sister had overwritten my savegame of 80+ hours and I didn’t feel like starting all over… (She replaced the file with a “casual” 15 minutes of Crash Bandicoot) I’ll never forgive her…



  135. those posters are phenomenal, just fantastic.

    and for the record, Metroid for the NES. can play that over and over and over

  136. Hi James,

    I just came across your site after checking your portfolio on behance. Must be my lucky day as you have 2 amazing posters to give away.

    My favourite game would have to be Quake 2. I just spent way too many countless hours as a kid playing that game online. It was my first online gaming experience and by far the best.

    Keep up the good work!

  137. hmmm favorite game? should be trackmania i guess…
    or some nostalgic games i still play like prince of persia ^^

    nice posters i hope i win one of them daft punk posters, they look great! and i just love daft punk

  138. Mortal Kombat 2 – i used to be an absolute nut for it. Had it on my Sega Megadrive/Genesis and had a poster on my wall next to my bed to memorize all the moves.

    But the best part was playing the souped-up, larger-than-life version of the game in the arcades. Boy did we sink some money into that franchise!

  139. BIOSHOCK! Played through it twice and could do it again.

    “Is A Man Not Entitled To The Sweat Of His Brow”

  140. Great designs, I’d love these posters and all the others. My favorite games are Marble Madness, Captain Skyhawk, and Solar Jet Man for the original Nintendo.

  141. Favourite video game, is still, Tetris. Or Mario, I love them both. I can play them for hours on end.

  142. Hello! Is it over? oh geez, i hope it isn’t.
    Daft Punk poster is temptating.
    I like some video games. I like doing disasters to my city in Simcity. Doing dressup in Golden Axe.
    But the best fun is drunken Twister.
    The older you play the more fun you get. And it’s a partysaviour, way better than Karaoke.

  143. Cool stuff man !!!

    Well my favourite game must be “Max Payne”, 1 and 2, definitely.

    … And one more thing: I still waiting the wallpaper versions of you posters.

  144. I would have to say The Legend of Zelda had me secretly playing my nes until the wee hours of the morning. For the current generation of games though, I would have to say Psychonauts had some of the best art direction and just good ole plain FUN.

    Very nice work. Really brings back that retro feel, with that modern twist.

  145. Just found out about your site today, it’s so much fun to play with the interactive cards & flip them around! My favorite video game is Nintendo’s Donkey Kong. So many levels & monkeys to choose from!! When my boyfriend & I first got the game & console, we stayed up all day and night in our pj’s playing till our thumbs could take no more! :)

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