Signalnoise poster for THE THING

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  1. Simon H, if you look closely, the dog is on the left. It incorporates the images that open the film.

  2. James the poster is amazing. So awesome to see it finally finished! It definitely makes me want to watch the movie again.

  3. As much I found the Blade Runner poster amazing, this is by far my favourite. Great colour pallete with the alien gore red accent. This is the kind of poster that makes me want to watch a movie, not the same old recycled crap with Tom Cruise on it.

  4. This is all vector? Amazing! How on earth did you manage to get that grainy texture in there?

  5. This poster also needs to find its way into my collection, along with the Blade Runner one. Is it just an issue of getting the rights and getting it printed?

  6. Do one for “Big trouble in little China” and you have just made posters for my 3 favorite movies of all time in that order… keep it going and do
    #4 Pulp Fiction
    #5 The Dark Knight

    Keep up the amazing work

  7. Hi James
    This is one of my fav movies as a kid and I have to say you’ve done a great job and I would reall like to have this as an A1 framed poster in my new house – Are you selling it anywhere?

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