Signalnoise poster for Creative Control

Signalnoise for Creative Control

Creative Control logo

Creative Control process

This was a fun one. Signalnoise and Mystery Box teamed-up with Opening Doors over in the UK to develop the first limited edition poster for their Creative Control initiative. We even designed the logo for them, seen above. A great bunch to work with, they let me do whatever I wanted so we settled on a nice cosmic setting and got to it.

I got the opportunity with this poster to explore a style I hadn’t done in quite some time, utilizing some fun and bold line work. I then mixed in a bit of the current illustration style I’m doing with some brushwork and geometric form on the ship. Fun stuff, man. I added some of my process shots above as it took me a little bit to settle on the layout. At one point the ship was a chunk of amethyst whipping through space.

A big thanks to my friends at Opening Doors for rolling the dice on me!






3 responses to “Signalnoise poster for Creative Control”

  1. Dave Hardy Avatar

    I really, really like this one, James (I entered the contest, of course). The flat colors in the one on the bottom/left are right up my alley, but I like the final even better… inspiration to push the envelope a little more when I think I’ve hit onto a good concept.

  2. Davevsdave Avatar

    You really nailed it on the top left one of the bottom four. The combination of symmetry, simplicity, and style is really pleasing. The top right of the bottom four seems a bit out of place. I think on it’s own it’s great, but the color scheme seems off next to all of the other artwork.

  3. John Lee Avatar
    John Lee

    oh man, it’s beautiful! Especially with your trademark colourbars and your new illustration style. Wonderful James.

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