Signalnoise Podcast

Signalnoise Podcast 1 will be debuting next week on Tuesday, November 15. Completely new format, ideas and delivery system. In production now.






11 responses to “Signalnoise Podcast”

  1. PJ Avatar

    Interesting stuff, I assume it’ll be on “eye-choons”?

  2. GuiHarrison Avatar

    Oh, I can’t wait!

  3. Patrick Avatar

    Awesome can’t wait! How will you be hosting it? I don’t use itunes!

  4. james Avatar

    It will be hosted on iTunes for those who find it easier, and it’s very mobile, but will also be available through the blog.

  5. CameronDuthie Avatar

    Can’t wait, bro! It’s going to be epic!

  6. Patrick Avatar

    Great, can’t wait!

  7. Rasmus Gerner Avatar
    Rasmus Gerner

    im am new to your site but i really dig your podcast but i cant find out when its gonna be can someone plz post a GT time would be much appreciated. thanks

  8. Chris Avatar

    Is there an RSS/XML feed I can add to my software in preparation?

  9. james Avatar

    Rasmus, I’m not recording this live. It will be posted on November 15.

    Chris, not just yet. It will be posted here on the blog right off the bat, and I’ll be sure to hit the Twitter and Facebook with the link.

  10. Rasmus Gerner Avatar
    Rasmus Gerner

    oh ok thanks

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