Signalnoise Podcast: Episode 1

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  1. Great first podcast. It’s always nice to hear your story… all information I’ve heard you share before, but it’s easy to forget some of this stuff when you’re in the trenches of day-to-day work. Thanks for keeping the motivation to design new and unique artwork alive!

  2. Man super stoked for more episodes. I really like the new format & fully support the switch to audio only. This format seems primed to meet your goals & overall purpose for producing broadcasts. The video feed shenanigans will be missed but not having to deal with USTREAM issues makes life easier for all. Rock!

  3. Awesome work bro! Telling it like it is and encouraging others in the process. Keep it up!

  4. but but then we will never see Robo-cup again :( but its a great way to do podcast. hope you figure out how to fix volume.

  5. Il est bien dommage que je ne comprennent pas toutes les subtilités évoquées dans le podcast, vu que l’anglais n’est pas forcément mon fort (ni aux français de manière générale d’ailleurs), mais comme votre élocution est soignée, c’est plus simple que d’ordinaire.

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