Signalnoise on Twitter

Signalnoise on Twitter

I have set up an account over at Twitter and am currently learning the ins and outs of this popular social networking tool. It took me a while to jump onboard, but better late then never :)

So if you are an avid Tweeter (that’s the term the kids are using, right?) feel free to swing by the Signalnoise Twitter page to follow my updates.






6 responses to “Signalnoise on Twitter”

  1. Juanma Avatar

    WELCOME! This is great news! Twitter sphere just turned even a bit more interesting! @juanmateixido

  2. teddY Avatar

    Dropping by Juanma’s tweet, it’s a shame that I didn’t discover your site earlier on. Your works are just gorgeous and elegant :) welcome to twitter, by the way!

  3. frebro Avatar

    Welcome! /@frebro :)

  4. james Avatar

    Thanks so much, everyone. Happy to be part of another communication sphere. Great to see so many familiar faces.

  5. Joseph Cotten Avatar

    I hear ya, man! I just joined Twitter about a month ago. It’s already getting addictive, too!

  6. Daniel Avatar

    wow….what’s with Twitter these days? It’s becoming more popular in the beginning of 2009.

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