Signalnoise News: October 2009

Signalnoise News: October 2009

It’s been a little while since I sent out an update on the personal projects I have going on outside of working on client projects. So, I’d like to take some time to briefly talk about what I have on the go and what I’m planning out over the next little while. The upcoming few months will be lots of fun, and here’s why.

1. Signalnoise Source DVD
I’ve had many people asking about this release over the past few weeks, and I would like you all to know it is still in the works. I’m busy creating the PSD documents to be included on the disc, as well as some other little goodies to spice up the project. Since this will be a limited run, I want to make it special for those interested in owning a copy. So rest assured, things are still progressing on this front and I will offer up more information as I proceed.

2. Signalnoise Apparel
My goal in this area is to have a launch before Christmas of this year. I will be finalizing the t-shirt designs over the next little bit while looking for a suitable company to get these things printed. Since this is a rather new area for me, I’m working hard to get the best system and something that will work as smoothly as my poster shipping. Certainly more to come on this as I solidify things.

3. Signalnoise Broadcast
The first Broadcast went very well despite my audio glitches with about 150 viewers tuning in, so this is definitely something I want to do on a more regular basis. Maybe bi-weekly, but we’ll see. I’m testing a few alternatives to the default MacBook mic and will be holding my second Broadcast when I get things evened out. Really excited to jam with you guys once again.

So there is the rough overview of what you can expect over the next little bit, and I’m sure a few other things will pop up along the way. As always, thanks for the continued support and inquiries, gang!






11 responses to “Signalnoise News: October 2009”

  1. Aaron Irizarry Avatar

    Awesome man! keep it up… I really enjoy your work

    ~ Aaron I


  2. thomeu Avatar

    I want that DVD for sure. Please keep my email if they’ll be very limited. Thanks.

  3. schroeder Avatar

    will there be a charge for the dvd? are you including any other goodies with it?

  4. james Avatar

    Thomeu, I will be sure to keep everyone informed on the DVD release in advance via the blog. It will be first come, first served. I’m not sure of the numbers just yet.

    Schroeder, yes, the DVD will be for sale via my store. I’m putting together some extra little things to be included with the DVD, more to come on that.

  5. Mr_LeE Avatar

    Very excited about the DVD James.. Also the chrome stuff was sick as :)

  6. Rob Loukotka Avatar

    I’m all over that DVD, man. Great idea.

    Will certainly pick one up now that I know you are not, in fact, a Twins fan. :)

    I love seeing how other artists layout their work, it’s rare to get that kind of access, thanks!

  7. Kirstin Avatar

    The DVD sounds awesome.

    I would really love a t-shirt as a Christmas present for myself.

    Keep up the good work!

  8. james Avatar

    Rob, thanks very much for the comments. I’m a pretty big nerd about the processes behind the work of others, so I’m happy to hear that side interests you. And as said, I have to be a Jays fan or they’ll kick me out of the country :)

    Kirstin, thanks very much!

    Ron, absolutely! Big fan of the DVNO video since it’s release. So great.

  9. ralph Avatar

    Can’t wait for the apparel!

  10. Jorge Avatar

    Awesome, love your style and handel of the software.

    Thanks for saring with all of us.

    Keep up the good work!

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