Movie posters that weren’t

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  1. Out of these I really like the direction of the Labyrinth and Predator posters. It seems to me that they were further down the line in your process. The Predator one in particluar is absolutely bad-ass!

    I like elements of the Karate Kid poster (namely the silhouette) but I think I’d like to see that sketch version as a digital piece. Love the little touch adding the fly in the bottom left!

    Thanks for sharing these James.

  2. Awesome to see these, follow your work for a long time. How does one go about getting legal rights to create and sell works based on movies? Its a process I’ve always wondered about. Who do you get in contact with for that type of stuff.

  3. Hi James,

    First of all congratulations for your work mate. Just came across your blog a hour ago, but was enough time for me to become a big fan of your work. I hope you can get more official releases out soon, specially Rock III and Predator.

    Thanks for sharing with us.


    Ps: Can’t wait to get my Terminator 2 poster ;)

  4. Usually i love your stuff but the Karate Kid and Rocky III feels a little to Photoshop filter’y to me.
    They probably aren’t, but there is just something about them…

  5. I get the point Rasmus is making, but I actually disagree. I think the Karate Kid poster looks great. I almost feel disappointed that it wasn’t used because to me, it reflects the feeling of the film and it instantly struck me.Thanks for sharing these posters. It’s a great selection.

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