Signalnoise logo by Emma Whyte

Here is the Signalnoise rainbow sun logo as drawn by my 7-year-old cousin, Emma Whyte.

Proper sequence of colors. Blue pointing to the left. Hexagon shape as per my new stickers. 100% accurate in Signalnoise brand specifications. Well done, Emma.

And thanks to my cousin Joey for snapping the shot.






10 responses to “Signalnoise logo by Emma Whyte”

  1. art attack Avatar

    it looks better than the original one.

  2. james Avatar

    I’ll be requesting an estimate from her to handle a potential rebrand.

  3. Matthew Marshall Avatar
    Matthew Marshall

    Seems legit.

    may we see a collab soon?

  4. Oliver Avatar

    Brilliant! She definitely needs her own account! :D

  5. peter Avatar

    Better than I could do.

  6. DAN-O-SAUR Avatar

    Yeah! Nice piece of Art! Very back to the roots.
    When I was that age I was drawing the Ghostbusters logo on anything I could reach ;-)

    Cheers mate!

  7. Kevin Avatar

    You should turn it into a sticker for her and give ’em to her for Christmas or something!

  8. Jorden Tually Avatar

    Love it! One thing I find weird is that your last name is “White” and your cousins is “Whyte” ! Thats crazy cool!!

  9. John Avatar

    Awesome logo design from her James. Better than me.

  10. Melody Avatar

    Good work Emma!

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