Signalnoise Live Broadcast: Sept 24, 8pm EST

Signalnoise Live Broadcast

I’ve recently seen a lot of people in the creative community taking advantage of their webcams to broadcast discussions, interviews and general QA sessions where people can tune in and comment via a text-based chat. I did an interview with Ryan over at DesignChat a little while back and had a great time with this live connection to other designers and artists.

So, I would like to try my hand at hosting my first Signalnoise Live Broadcast here on the site, where I will answer some questions posted by viewers in a free-form interview. This new platform might offer up a more unique, dynamic and interesting way of connecting with you guys. It just might be a good time :)

If this first session goes smooth, I might have a more regular schedule put into place. For now I want to keep things general, so if you have any questions at all you would like to fire me, like industry stuff, process, general experiences, inspirations . . . whatever you would like to ask, tune in tomorrow evening and fire away. If you would also like to potentially get a question into the queue, feel free to post it in a comment below. I’ll be talking for about an hour or so.

So, tune in tomorrow evening at 8pm EST for the first Signalnoise Live Broadcast event. I will post the link to follow here as well as on my Twitter. Hope to see you there, gang.

PS. Don’t worry, no Poltergeists will be possessing your computers.






7 responses to “Signalnoise Live Broadcast: Sept 24, 8pm EST”

  1. Mbithi Avatar

    Hi James,

    I’d like to ask, how you source jobs and what criteria do you use to cost yourself.
    If you can address those two for me I’d appreciate it!

  2. Matt Morgan Avatar

    That graphic is terrifying Jim, I love it. This looks pretty cool, hopfully I’ll have time to tune in.

  3. rootcause Avatar

    Any plans to record for those that can’t tune in? Because i am one of those, but i
    am very interested.

  4. Silentium Avatar

    Yes, a record would be nice for us in europe.

  5. james Avatar

    Yes, the broadcast will be recorded and made available for those who are missing out. I’ll be sure to post where it can be found.

  6. rootcause Avatar

    excellent, thanks!

  7. Jayson Avatar

    Thanks for having the Broadcast. I’m feelin’ even more motivated now.

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