Signalnoise iPad Wallpaper pack

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  1. It’s interesting that you use the 6 colours from the old Apple logo in your Signalnoise logo. Surely not a coincidence. Great idea :-)

  2. Alan, the spectrum is the same but the values aren’t exact. The tones in my logo might be closer to the old Commodore 64 logo (if my memory serves me correctly) but I altered all of my colors individually to make sure they jived okay. The Apple, Commodore and NBC peacock all have a very similar palette which is what I wanted for my identity as well. I really wish Apple still used that rainbow logo, so awesome. :)

  3. Could your release the images as full scale wallpapers too? I know some of them already are (the Tron and 2010 ones).

  4. Can anyone please post the Red Maple leaves wallpaper that comes with the iPad. I can’t seem to find it anywhere. It’s beautiful.

  5. Oohh! Amazing art in amazing sizes. Will we have the Broadcast poster available on the store James?

  6. Hey James, any chance of an iphone collection? I’ve had your Tuts+ one since it came out but I’d love your latest broadcast piece on my screen?

  7. Mighty nice of you to offer these for the iPad sir. Now I have a reason to own an iPad ;) =D.

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