Signalnoise in Perth, Australia

Juicebox Creative and Signalnoise

Juicebox Creative in Perth Australia hosted a music, fashion, design and film show entitled We Are One on June 14 – 15. Some of my artwork was part of the design showcase and projected on huge screens, seen in the above photos sent to me from the organizers.

I only wish the commute wasn’t so lengthy from Halifax, otherwise I would have been there to see the spectacle.

A big congratulations to Juicebox for putting together such a wonderful show.






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  1. PKayne Avatar

    Yeah I travelled once from here in Toronto to New Zealand. I was in absolutely tired and had to zonk out for a few days. I needed a vacation from my flight alone.

    I love how they displayed your work and I see some of Alex Truchot’s stuff is there too. I really like his work with inkblots and typography. You guys are absolutely brilliant.

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