Signalnoise in Halifax, tonight!

You and me, Halifax. Tonight is the night. I will be speaking at 6:30pm sharp at the Hub Halifax presented by the kind folks of the GDC Atlantic. All topics will be covered, including art, design, toys, comics, drawing, inspiration, community and a whole lot more. This is the first time I will be speaking publicly in my home town. Lets make it count.

When: September 22, 2011. 6:30pm
Where: The Hub Halifax, 1673 Barrington Street, 2nd floor
Cover: $10 at the door. FREE with RSVP

I’ll also have new Signalnoise stickers on-hand for those who are attending. Lots of colour. Can’t wait. See you there, Halifax.






4 responses to “Signalnoise in Halifax, tonight!”

  1. Matthew Avatar

    Nice touch with the cityscape!

    But please, tread lightly.

  2. aleks Avatar

    New lego-trend…I like it….is there any lego-figure template or your creation?

  3. paul Avatar

    Ahaha! Best one yet, buddy!

    Stantz – “No, it CAN’T be!”

    Venkman – “What did you DO Ray?!”

    Stantz – “…it’s a giant Lego James White.”

    James – “ROOOARR!”

  4. Erin Avatar

    I was there! Thanks for a great talk. Listening to someone who has done fun and exciting things and who enjoys doing it was a definite pickup.
    And a little Motley Crue never hurt anyone.

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