Signalnoise and Animal Crossing: City Folk

Signalnoise in Animal Crossing: City Folk

Being a big supporter of Nintendo for most of my life, it’s no big surprise that I fell under the spell of Animal Crossing. I clocked many hours playing the original Game Cube version, and am currently harvesting my peaches on the newest installment, Animal Crossing: City Folk for the Wii.

I got the idea this weekend to design some shirts for my little dork to wear as he ran around town planting flowers and talking to animals. And what better shirts to wear then ones sporting the logos of designers who’s work I enjoy? Super nerdy, I know :)

Please pardon the quality of these shots, it’s the best I could do getting a capture from my television.

Signalnoise in Animal Crossing: City Folk
The Signalnoise logo

Joshua Davis in Animal Crossing: City Folk
Joshua Davis‘ owl logo

ISO50 in Animal Crossing: City Folk
Scott Hansen’s Dual shirt

Obey Giant in Animal Crossing: City Folk
The Obey Giant logo

That being said, if anyone reading is also into the game, feel free to drop me an email with your friend code, character name and town name. I’d love to swing by your town and will be sure to add these shirts to your shop for you and your neighbors to wear :)






8 responses to “Signalnoise and Animal Crossing: City Folk”

  1. PKayne Avatar

    Hehe! James, you really are a nerd. That’s too funny. But the little guy looks really stylish and the tees are almost like Threadless wear.

    This also reminds me of GTA 3 where you could make outfits for the character.

    BTW, you should make him an Obama shirt. He would be definitely au courant.

  2. Lukes Avatar

    yea , you just got alot coolers James White!

  3. Justin Avatar

    I wish i had the wii version, i’m still playing the DS one. bummer!

  4. Tim Avatar

    Dude. I’m all about Animal Crossing right now.

  5. Tim Avatar

    Dude. I’m all about Animal Crossing right now.

  6. seb Avatar

    Well the name of the guy is Shepard Fairey.thx for him

  7. Joshua Davis Avatar

    ha ha ha – yeah that’s great. I played AC on my DS… looks like I need to go pick up the wii version.

    the only thing that upsets me… that you have more damn time then I do. I have so games I haven’t even taken out of the packaging from last xmas… sad but true.

  8. james Avatar

    Thanks Josh! I hear the Wii version is quite similar to the DS, you can even upload your character from the DS directly into City Folk. The Wii Speak microphone is also a big plus for yakkin’ at people who visit your town.

    If you manage to score some time to pick up the game, feel free to toss me your friend code in an email. I got mad fruit :)

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