Signalnoise ‘Green Lantern’ poster

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  1. the costume from the movie isnt good… but siniestro in the trailer is awesome and… AWESOME POSTER!

  2. Well done! You took something with its own distinct identity and made it your own. The use of the green lantern symbol in the 2011 was inspired.

  3. Thanks so much, everyone!

    Puddy, I really appreciate the heads up on the error. I had to look up the saying last night as I couldn’t remember if it was ‘darkest’ or ‘blackest’. Found 2 sites that gave me the wrong information. :) Thanks man.

  4. Love it! I was excited when you mentioned it yesterday in the Signalnoise Broadcast. I came here first thing this morning to see if you finished it. Very cool! Great idea of using your fist, man! Not only does it mean you don’t have to decide on which face to use, but it also highlights the ring. Love it.

  5. Man James, that i probably the best thing i have seen in aaaaages! It’s just awesome! Can’t wait to see the “making of” part!

  6. Another amazing poster as are all of your designs. Maybe I am a little bit biased. Great Job.


  7. Great result James the subtle addition of your own branding via the rainbow lighting and the powerful stance of the Green Lantern make great bed friends :)

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