Signalnoise from the Year 2000

• Why anyone would hire that weirdo, I have no idea.

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen these posted late last night. I wandered home after hanging out with some friends and started rooting around in some old archive CDs of my past work, way back from the year 2000.

I was working with my friends at Internet Solutions at the time, the company that gave me my first real design job in the web industry. They took a gamble and hired that spiky-haired punk right out of school and put up with my loud music and nerdy antics. Good, patient people they were.

That said, I was always trying to dress up my computer to look all cool and stuff so I made a bunch of custom desktops for my screen. Just another way to do something creative and explore some trendy design. I came across 3 of them last night. Fond memories right here. Just look at that weird yellow Japanese-looking Signalnoise wordmark. Yikes. Lots of jokes waiting to happen there, along with my online moniker ‘James Evil’. Good god.

The computer I used to make these is long gone, but the pixels live on. Great memories.

Oh, and that photo was taken around the same time. That’s me and my friend Lisa having what I’m SURE is some deep/hilarious conversation about something we hate. Or she’s just disagreeing with me for some good reason.






9 responses to “Signalnoise from the Year 2000”

  1. Patrick Avatar

    The real question is… Are those sunglasses still on active duty?

  2. Luke Desroches Avatar

    Damn James, you’ve got some steez!

  3. Simon H. Avatar
    Simon H.

    I agree with Patrick.

  4. Paul Pants Avatar

    Not shown in the last photo, is the wallet that says “Bad Muthaf*cker” on it.

  5. james Avatar

    The Elvis shades had a great and lengthy career, think I wore them for 5 years or something. Eventually they became too scuffed and bent to work properly and were retired. They lived a good life.

  6. Yancy Avatar

    King of Clubs in the bottom photo. That film was big for me, too.

  7. Tom Muller Avatar

    1) I cannot believe you had pitch-black hair
    2) That’s not Akzidenz, but Helvetica (look at the terminals).

  8. james Avatar

    Tom, that’s what I get for glancing. Ha!

  9. Freddy Avatar

    Oh man, those designs are sooooooo 2000. Got any designs using abstract shapes from 3D Max? Now I wanna look at my old portfolio from school. I’m scared.

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