Signalnoise for WIRED and Quora

I have gotten reports that the issue of Wired featuring some of my illustrations is now out in Europe. I was hired by the kind folks at Wired last month to design some original type pieces for use in their article about the mighty Quora. Other then the direction “Make the letters look big and flashy”, I was allowed to come up with whatever I wanted. I experimented a bit with line work and halftones, something I haven’t really done before now. Shown here is the 2-page spread (top) as well as two drop caps designed for the article.

My original version had crazy vibrant colors, and I have to tip my hat to Wired for making the suggestion of pulling the tones back a bit. It added some realism to the design and made everything come together. Wired are fantastic clients, always enthusiastic and fun to work with.

This issue should be out now in Europe and hitting the shelves here in North America real soon.






5 responses to “Signalnoise for WIRED and Quora”

  1. DarkoDesign Avatar

    The letters look amazing James, great stuff. I’ll be heading down to my local WHsmith to check it out the Wired Issue.

  2. Ollie Judge Avatar

    Caught this in my copy of Wired yesterday, the burst of colour set it apart from everything else in the issue. Sadly the cover of the issue was Angry Birds, but who cares it has Signalnoise art in it!

  3. Simon H. Avatar

    I really like how you included the clouds in there. Nice job!

  4. Matt C Avatar
    Matt C

    You should break the psd down for the next broadcast :)

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