Signalnoise for Motorola

Motorola poster by James White

Here is poster I designed for Motorola showcasing their new social media gadget, the Cliq. The client wanted something colorful to add interest to the phone, which was a perfect opportunity to use my curvature assets I developed a little while back.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe this can be found in the new issue of Wired Magazine as a fold-out poster.






4 responses to “Signalnoise for Motorola”

  1. Scott Avatar

    Way to go dude! Awesome opportunity and it turned out great.

  2. Andrew Avatar

    Amazing work as always James! I love it!

  3. Tim Avatar

    Beautiful work as always, and a great phone as well.

  4. Design Informer Avatar

    Awesome! It has your name written all over it.

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