Signalnoise for Haiti

Signalnoise for Haiti

The republic of Haiti was hit with a magnitude 7.0 earthquake on Tuesday, January 12th. Most of the necessities of life, such as food, shelter and water have been reduced to near nothing and the poor country is now struggling with rescue efforts and the dispersal of much-needed supplies and aid. They have very little to work with.

For the next week, artists like Chuck Anderson are donating all money they make from selling their wares to the disaster relief fund to help Haiti, and Signalnoise will be doing the same. 100% of sales from the Signalnoise Store for the next week will be donated directly in support of Haiti. I will also include an 11 x 17 poster version of the ‘For Haiti’ design. Please note, the photocopied photograph used in my design was originally taken by Maggie Steber.

For Haiti poster by James White

Big thanks to the following for their orders and support:

• Ramon Thompson
• Andreas Ellwanger
• Emilio Bellu
• Brandy Byrd
• Franz Jeitz
• The Remakers
• Luke Desroches
• Allison McCarthy
• Daniel Yankowsky
• Melissa Mercado
• Jonathan Mitchell
• Mathieu Cristinziani
• Andy Heckathorne
• Aaron Irizarry
• Matthew Hayashida
• Derek Hartley
• Jeff Simpson
• Cameron Duthie
• Dan Andriciuc
• Andrew Fallon

It’s easy to feel separated from things like this based on geography, but it doesn’t mean we’re not all in this together. Every bit counts. My heart goes out to you, Haiti.

Please note, all posters will be shipped out of Halifax next week, starting January 25th.






22 responses to “Signalnoise for Haiti”

  1. naveed Avatar

    may GOD accept your generosity :)

  2. Heckadude Avatar

    This is a great thing, James. Thanks so much. I just got back from a missions trip to Haiti a few weeks ago and my heart is so heavy. I would love to order a poster of the graphic you created above: “Signalnoise for Haiti.” Is that a possibility? Thanks again.

  3. Joseph Cotten Avatar

    Way to go, man. And that’s a beautiful piece at the top of the post too.

  4. Paul0v2 Avatar

    Beautiful initiative James, it’s good to see that people care and try to help when the bad times come around.

  5. Chad Engle Avatar

    Thats an amazing poster. It really speaks out & is beautiful. What a great idea for you guys to put all your efforts towards such a noble cause.

  6. rootcause Avatar


  7. Luke Desroches Avatar

    Wow James, that is such a generous thing to do, and that poster is very touching. Good for you!

  8. Justin Moreland Avatar

    Can this particular poster be ordered? I didn’t see it in the store. This I think is my favorite now.

  9. FA Design Avatar

    That’s a very good iniciative James!

  10. bbyrd Avatar

    well done!

  11. Emilio Avatar

    Thanks a lot sir. Got two, big ups for your generosity and your amazing work.

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  15. Andrew Avatar

    Thank you for doing this and for inspiring us to do the same. And that’s a beautiful picture at the top (as ever).

  16. Adam Avatar

    Very inspiring and thoughtful, great job.

  17. Ena Avatar

    As a Haitian-Canadian graphic designer, thank you so for support of the Haitian people. You have inspired me to do something similar to raise funds, not sure what to do yet but maybe I can get some critique from you once I have it done?

    I would really like to purchase the image above too.

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  20. Ramon Thompson Avatar

    As a previous commentor stated, thanks for doing this and inspiring all of us to put our abilities to work in aid of those in need.

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