Signalnoise for FITC Toronto: 10 years

I was asked by the awesome folks behind FITC to participate in a special “10 Year Anniversary” mini poster set that will be available to purchase at the event. They selected 10 artists who spoke previously at FITC to design original pieces based around the idea of “10” or “10 years”. Outside of that, we had complete control over what we wanted to create which is always fun. Here are a few behind-the-scenes vectors.

I’ve wanted to do some kind of a Back To The Future piece for a long time, and given that this project was referencing time to some degree, I fired up the Flux Capacitor and got to it. This also ties into the talk I will be doing at FITC, lovingly titled Back To The Future: Part II which I’ll be doing on May 2nd (11:15am) in Toronto. I’ll also be sitting on a panel called Source + Imagination on May 4th. I’ll be posting more about the FITC events really soon.

Now if you don’t mind, I have some Huey Lewis to listen to.







14 responses to “Signalnoise for FITC Toronto: 10 years”

  1. PJ Tierney Avatar

    I see 3D tracing, offset paths, LIGHTNING, Truck Stops, Clouds.

    Classic Signalnoise Style = Awesome! :D

  2. Robyn Abbatiello Avatar

    I think you really captured the look and feel you were going for and that alone can be very difficult. Got to love that 80’s style… “Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need any roads..” :-)

  3. Dave Avatar

    I’ve really enjoyed and have been inspired by much of your work (your TRON designs are what put Signalnoise on my radar), but I have to say… this one is one of my favorites. For fans of Signalnoise and Back to the Future, this is a near-perfect piece.

    Any chance you’ll be making this available as wallpaper in the near future?

  4. Melissa M Avatar
    Melissa M

    The BTTF theme song is now stuck playing in my head – this is awesome!

  5. Jayson Avatar

    James, did you use Illustrators 3D function on this one?

  6. Tim Avatar

    I count 9 truck stops ;) looking good as always James!

  7. invenio design Avatar

    the lesson is:
    more truck stop you put on a project, better is the result. I can’t see METAL, that’s weird!! :D :D :D

    Good job as always man!

  8. The Pixel Prince Avatar

    Great design Mr. White!

  9. Jorden Tually Avatar


  10. Nicole Avatar

    How cool James!! I wish I could go to the FITC!

  11. Matt C Avatar
    Matt C

    I Demand a psd Breakdown :3

  12. Ryan Bingham Avatar

    truck stop is sooo obvious. i love ur style james.

  13. Mat MacQuarrie Avatar

    I don’t see any lightning?

  14. Simon H. Avatar

    This is sweet stuff.

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